Entire Detroit Volleyball Team Scores College Scholarships

All nine of the 2020 high school graduates on Club Xtreme Volleyball Team have secured athletic scholarships thanks to nonprofit organization, New Level.

COVID-19 put a wrench into a lot of plans — and the class of 2020 was probably one of the groups hit hardest by disappointment because of it. 

From missed proms and memories to the cancellation of their commencement ceremonies and class trips, Michigan’s graduating class certainly sacrificed quite a bit. And the athletes of Club Xtreme Volleyball in Detroit were no exception.

These volleyball players, which walked away the winners of the Las Vegas Jam Festival back in March, were almost robbed of potential college scholarships.

Because of the shutdowns, eight graduating athletes of this all-girls team — and additional male student that practices with the team — were not able to perform in front of scouts that would award them scholarships. 

But thanks to nonprofit, New Level, these athletes have been awarded scholarships.

“Through hard work and determination, we got college coaches to listen,” Michelle Smith, the founder of New Level, said in a press release. “Whether it was via phone call, text, email, or road trips, we did whatever we had to do to get our kids in front of coaches.”

The seniors were honored at a signing day event on June 19 and are expected to attend the following schools:

For more information on Club Xtreme Volleyball or New Level, visit them online and don’t forget to check out the affording college page at MetroParent.com for more information about scholarship opportunities for your seniors.


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