Is Summer School Right for Your Child?

We spoke to a Macomb County expert to get details on summer school options in the county and tips on deciding whether or not it's right for your child.

Are you thinking about sending your child to summer school this year? Summer programming can have many benefits for kids, but it’s important to weigh whether or not your child is ready for the added summer responsibility before you sign him or her up — especially after the arduous school year we just had.

“The past year and a half, the level of stress for students, parents and staff has certainly been challenging and we are proud of the resilience everyone has demonstrated,” says Dr. Alesia Flye, the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and the Chief Academic Officer at the Macomb Intermediate School District. “We recognize that there have been unique circumstances, so some families may decide they want a complete break (this summer).”

On the other hand, some parents may find that their kids need a little structure back in their lives. Others may need some extra help in certain subjects as a result of the inconsistencies this past year.

Either way, it’s important for parents to weigh the benefits of summer school and their kids’ unique needs before making their choice.

The benefits of summer school

According to Dr. Flye, there are many reasons that a parent might decide to send their child to summer school.

At the secondary level, when a child is in high school, attending summer school could help recover a credit that was not earned during the regular school year.

Parents of younger kids may find that summer school can help them strengthen the skills they’ve already learned but could use additional assistance with some of the concepts or standards.

It’s also a chance for kids to explore different subjects that they are interested in, but are either not offered during the school year or they’ve maybe not had time to try yet.

“In Macomb County, we have a variety of offerings for students of all levels. Subjects range from literacy to mathematics, but we also have STEM opportunities, camps for our bilingual students and opportunities for high schoolers that want to take practice SAT exams,” Dr. Flye explains. “Many of our districts are also offering enrichment opportunities, which can range from sports, scrapbooking, arts & crafts, yoga and culinary experiences.”

Some districts also offer the new “Teacher Cadet” program for students entering grades 11 and 12.

“The Teacher Cadet program is for students who may be interested in going into teaching, just to see if they’d be interested pursuing this as a career,” Dr. Flye says.

In addition, summer school has the added benefit of structure during the typically unstructured summer months and gives students the chance to simply interact with each other.

“Summer school is different from the traditional school year, so you typically don’t have all the pressures affiliated with the daily school routine,” Dr. Flye explains. “The opportunity to learn and engage in a different setting could make a big difference for students.”

Signing up summer school

Most summer school programming in Macomb County is free through the local districts, but some programming may have a nominal fee.

Programs vary by district, but families do not necessarily have to enroll their child in their home district’s options. If another district is offering a class their child is interested in, but not offered in their home district, they can inquire about the registration process.

You should reach out to your local district for additional information and sign-up options.

For more information on living and learning in Macomb County, visit Make Macomb Your Home. Find more articles like this at Metro Parent’s A Family Guide to Macomb County.


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