Dearborn Teachers Create TABs Student Tracking System for Schools

To cutback on school day interruptions, a pair of local teachers developed the customizable TABS student tracking system, which keeps track of student behavior and operates via smartphone.

The student whose bathroom breaks turn into hallway meetups. The kid who’s constantly tardy for class. These behaviors can disrupt any instructor’s day and take away from their most important job: teaching.

“We are managing the rigmarole that takes so much time away from our teaching,” says Matt Ridenour, a longtime instructor at the Crestwood School District in Dearborn Heights.

In order to streamline the behavior tracking process, Ridenour and fellow educator Josette Rechul developed TABS (Tracking Appropriate Behaviors), which is available to elementary, middle and high schools.

With this smartphone system, teachers can track both positive and negative behaviors, which are customizable by school. It also includes a digital hall pass, in-app attendance tracker and a lockdown feature.

“In a lockdown situation, the administrator can initiate that lockdown and that sends out to every teacher’s smartphone in the building,” Ridenour explains. From there, teachers can mark their classrooms safe in that crisis.

Crestwood aims to run beta testing on the system in the 2019-20 school year. Ridenour hopes to implement betas at other local schools, as well.

Want to get TABS at your kid’s school? Simply send an email through the TABS website and Ridenour will send the information to school administration.


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