Macomb County Public Schools

Are you interested in your child attending school in the Macomb school district? Take a look at this list of Macomb County public schools for an overview.

It’s not always easy to decide which school your child will attend. If you are looking for a school in Macomb County, public schools might be a good match. Want a jumping-off point to browse the options, get some facts and compare districts? This roundup of Macomb County public schools is an A-plus spot to start.

Interested in other school options in your area? Find them in our roundups of charter schools in Macomb County and this Macomb County private schools. Be sure to use our finding a new school checklist, too, for some key questions to ask.

Note: Numbers of students are accurate for the 2017-18 school year, the latest available data on the from the online MI School Data portal. Pupil-to-teacher ratios are from the Michigan Department of Education and also accurate for the 2017-18 year. Per-pupil expenditures, also via the MDE, are accurate as of March 2018.

Anchor Bay School District

  • Phone: Phone: 586-725-2861
  • Number of students: 5,966
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 26:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $7,631

STEAM programs at all levels. Performs above state/county averages on state assessments. Only Macomb County district to receive AP Honor Roll recognition for the second year in a row.

Armada Area Schools

  • Phone: 586-784-2112
  • Number of students: 1,834
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 25:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $7,631

World-class education in a rural setting. Math/science academy, fine/performing arts conservatory and 12 AP classes. Michigan Department of Education rated Armada High School No. 1 comprehensive high school among Macomb County public schools.

Center Line Public Schools

  • Phone: 586-510-2000
  • Number of students: 2,558
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 25:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $9,623

High school career academies in firefighting, EMT, visual art/design, more; Academy 21 virtual program (grades 6-12). Center Line High School earned Bronze Award for Best High Schools in US News & World Report in 2016-17.

Chippewa Valley Schools

  • Phone: 586-723-2000
  • Number of students: 16,296
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 25:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $7,631

Comprehensive elementary program with STEM classes. Advanced math in elementary and middle school. Over 240 high school courses; 14 are AP. CTE programs ranked among Michigan’s best. Accreditation by AdvancED.

Clintondale Community Schools

  • Phone: 586-791-6300
  • Number of students: 2,863
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 33:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $7,754

Innovative district featured on CNN Money and Noodle for its “flipped classroom,” recognized as the nation’s first. Schools offer Wi-Fi-powered Chromebook usage. Acreditation by AdvancED. Parker Elementary is a Blue Ribbon School.

Eastpointe Community Schools

  • Phone: 586-533-3000
  • Number of students: 2,910
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 25:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $7,925

Empowers students to achieve academic/personal success through individualized literacy programs at all elementary schools, the IB Middle Years Programme at Eastpointe Middle School, career and technical education programs at Eastpointe High School, more.

Fitzgerald Public Schools

  • Phone: 586-757-1750
  • Number of students: 2,634
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 27:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $8,289

Has a virtual academy for high schoolers. “Reward School” status. Nationally recognized AP Honor Roll. Won 2015 Silver Michigan School Wellness Award. Boasts 90 percent grad rate and advanced STEM programs, including robotics.

Fraser Public Schools

  • Phone: 586-439-7000
  • Number of students: 4,991
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 24:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $8,289

Competency-based learning lets students learn at own pace. K-8 students receive their own iPad, 9-12 receive MacBook; Apple TV and Promethean Boards in classrooms. Distinguished programs in vocal/instrumental music, visual/performing arts and CTE.

L’Anse Creuse Public School District

  • Phone: 586-783-6300
  • Number of students: 10,491
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 26:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $7,847

Centered on student achievement. Elementary/middle classrooms equipped with SMART Boards; 18 AP courses and honors classes. Free college credit opportunities; 18 career and technical education programs.

Lake Shore Public Schools

  • Phone: 586-285-8481
  • Number of students: 3,601
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 22:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $8,289

Innovative curriculum, 21st century learning environment, strong athletics and award-winning fine arts. Recently passed a $35 million bond including a 1-to-1 technology initiative, giving devices to every student.

Lakeview Public Schools

  • Phone: 586-445-4000
  • Number of students: 4,304
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 26:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $8,190

Accelerated courses start in grade four. All fifth graders take band class. Partners with Wayne State University to let students take tuition-free college courses, plus Baker College for dual-enrollment options.

Macomb Intermediate School District

  • Phone: 586-228-3300
  • Number of students: 3,527
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: N/A
  • Per-pupil expenditure: N/A

Provides special education programs and services to students and families in Macomb County from birth to age 26. Assessment services, consultation, collaboration with resident school districts and public school academies.

Mount Clemens Community Schools

  • Phone: 586-469-6100
  • Number of students: 1,050
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 26:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $8,188

Personalized learning. School-based health center free for students ages 10-21. Free student meals, before-/after-school learning camps. Pathways to Potential (P2P) offers help with education, food, daycare and employment in three buildings.

New Haven Community Schools

  • Phone: 586-749-5123
  • Number of students: 1,234
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 23:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $7,631

Significant growth in state assessment achievement; 92 percent-plus graduation rate. Enhanced electives, research-based intervention programs, outstanding choir and band. Successful athletic programs including 2017 Class B state champ boys basketball team.

Richmond Community Schools

  • Phone: 586-727-3565
  • Number of students: 1,434
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 22:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $7,631

“Tours on Tuesdays at Ten” for prospective families. Robotics clubs, AP courses, strong athletics, skilled trades/CTE course and fine arts/theater. 1-to-1 technology in grades K-12, state-of-the-art technology including cutting-edge middle/high school science labs.

Romeo Community Schools

  • Phone: 586-752-0200
  • Number of students: 5,140
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 25:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $7,828

K-12 receives personal electronic device. Committed to STEM beginning in middle school. Offers a wealth of AP courses, encourages dual enrollment and has eight award-winning career and technical programs. Extracurriculars include athletics, robotics, drama, music.

Roseville Community Schools

  • Phone: 586-445-5500
  • Number of students: 4,772
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 26:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $7,886

District provides opportunities for all students. A caring staff offers supportive and challenging classes including career tech, AP and performing arts.

South Lake Schools

  • Phone: 586-435-1600
  • Number of students: 1,673
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 22:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $8,994

Honors courses, AP classes, dual enrollment, on-site college courses through Wayne State University, Spanish and Mandarin K-12, culinary arts, marketing, auto shop and a nationally recognized art program.

Utica Community Schools

  • Phone: 586-797-1000
  • Number of students: 27,357
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 25:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $7,796

Student achievement above all state/national averages. Nationally recognized programs and services. Graduation rate is among the best in the Macomb County public schools region and 13 points higher than the state average.

Van Dyke Public Schools

  • Phone: 586-757-6600
  • Number of students: 2,477
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 27:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $8,124

Updated curriculum with integrated technology and student-centered K-12 instruction, completely renovated buildings, an athletics facility, career and technical education center and early childhood and community resource centers.

Warren Consolidated Schools

  • Phone: 888-4WCS-KIDS (888-492-7543)
  • Number of students: 14,009
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 25:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $9,126

Rigorous curriculum with high-quality instruction. Transitional kindergarten program, county’s first K-5 year-round option, middle/high school math/science/tech and performing/visual arts, career prep center, championship athletics.

Warren Woods Public Schools

  • Phone: 586-439-4417
  • Number of students: 3,185
  • Pupil-to-teacher ratio: 27:1
  • Per-pupil expenditure: $8,758

Advanced Placement courses and dual enrollment for high school students. Tower High School named a Reward School by the Michigan Department of Education. School of choice district. CTE programs.

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