Out With the Old: How Education Changes Over Time

Metro Parent's editor-in-chief talks about how she used to learn, how other generations learn and how education changes over time.

A moldy article showed up in my Facebook feed last week. A friend shared it, along with a ?, because it detailed something I absolutely LOVED in school and she absolutely HATED – diagramming sentences.

The article, written back in 2014, talked about how this practice of having kids separate sentences into its different parts (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc.) has fallen out of fashion. Some, like my friend, aren’t sorry to see it make its way to the dust pile of educational tactics. I felt sort of sad for the kids of this generation who won’t have the unique fun of doing language dissection on a Saturday afternoon.

Heck, it’s better than frogs, right?

But things change. That’s a universal truth that’s also applicable to the education of our children. Each generation is dealt a new set of tools and tactics – all with the hope that it will give them the best opportunity to learn, comprehend and succeed in life, not just school. Technology is a factor too, giving educators and students expanded options past generations didn’t have.

Case in point: It’s funny to think about how I had to research for my report on blue whales in the fourth grade. There was no internet, so I had to go to the library and literally flip through physical books that were catalogued to have information on blue whales. Now I’m ?. Times – they really do change.

Every February, we take a deeper dive into the educational landscape with our special Education section.

This year, our cover story focuses on the new tactics for Gen Z. How are they different than previous generations? Not just in what is being offered to them, but in what they are responding to? How does Gen Z learn?We get some answers to those questions. Plus, many more educational nuggets for your enjoyment. Nothing as fun as diagramming sentences, but you know. That’s a high bar. ?


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