Two Simple Cases Why Students Deserve Debt-Free Education

Sal Vassallo and Megan Buonodono – respectively of MESP and MET, Michigan's two college savings programs – explain why this is their dream for kids.

Michigan used to be known for offering its kids a quality education. But nowadays, Michigan schools rank in the bottom third in the nation and last in the Midwest, according to a report in 2018 from Bridge Magazine. Surprised? Many parents are. But there’s hope.

At Metro Parent’s Education Expo in 2018, we gathered a slew of stellar schools, tutors and more to help you and your child fill the Michigan education gap. Plus we hosted Ed Talks, where some of the leading experts on education offered their insights and advice.

And, while the event is over, the quest continues. We asked our Ed Talks speakers this simple question: “What’s your dream for Michigan students?” Here, Sal Vassallo, tuition financing consultant from the Michigan Education Savings Program (MESP), and Megan Buonodono, operations manager at the Michigan Education Trust (MET), offer theirs.

Sal Vassallo’s dream for Michigan students

My dream for Michigan students would be to find a career that fulfills your standards in today’s society – as well as to graduate from college with the least amount of student debt possible.

Megan Buonodono’s dream for Michigan students

My dream for Michigan students is that they are given the necessary opportunities and direction from teachers, counselors and parents to allow them to decide on a career path that suits their interests and abilities.

Whether they choose higher education, a trade program or enter the workforce, they should be guided in their career path options and supported in their choices.

For those that choose higher education, my dream is that any student that has the desire and drive to earn a degree has the means to pay for it – whether it is through college savings, scholarships and grants, or college loans.

Looking for details about this event in the future? Visit the Metro Parent Education Expo page for the latest.

Also, be sure to read about things every student deserves by Gary Abud, a metro Detroit author, education consultant and the 2013-14 Michigan Teacher of the Year, and the Michigan PTA’s Education Wish List for All K-12 Students from president Sibyl Collins Wilson.


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