Things to Add to Your Back-to-School Shopping List in 2020

If you're choosing in-person classes for your child this year, make sure you send them back prepared with these must-have items for back-to-school 2020.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, school is going to look very different this year.

If you’re one of the parents that are sending their kids back to school in-person, you’re going to want to keep your child’s health (and the health of those around them) in the forefront of your mind, which means rethinking the back-to-school shopping list.

Not sure what to add? Check out these must-have items for back-to-school in 2020 — along with a few items for those learning from home.


Photo via School Mask Pack

Crayola has partnered with SchoolMaskPack to release a series of kids’ masks for school. They are days-of-the-week masks that come with a mesh laundry bag for washing on the weekend.

Easily sold as a bundle, the designs range from craymojis (crayon emojis) to characters to solid colors. They also sell an adult range for teachers and parents.

Pocket Sanitizer

Photo via Bath & Body Works

Bath and Body Works has a range of mini hand sanitizers that students and teachers. They come in sprays or liquid that can attach to your bag or purse on their own or in a cute case. For younger students, thy come in silly scents such as “Vampire Blood” and have cases in the shapes of footballs, smores and cats.


Photo via Target

Whenever a student was sick in class, whether it be a cold or allergies, they normally would continuously have to walk up to the teacher’s desk to grab tissues. More of an exercise routine than a sneeze, it was always a troublesome and slightly embarrassing way to manage the sniffles.

By fitting a small pack of tissues in your bag, you’re able to keep yourself distanced and minimize your nose blowbacks to your desk.


Photo via Amazon

Hand sanitizer dries your hands out and so does constant washing, but nowadays it’s a necessary safety practice. A quick and easy solution to this is an on-the-go lotion for when you sanitize. It’ll keep your skin smooth and free of any damage.

Antimicrobial Phone Case

Photo via OtterBox

Antimicrobial phone cases protect from the bacteria that might be on your phone. This extra defense can ensure that students are being safe, as well as teachers who might go on their phone during lunch breaks or classroom games.

Writing Desk

Photo via Hayneedle

With remote, online learning still a possibility for the new school year, it’s great to be prepared. Having to balance a laptop, books, and papers on an ordinary at home desk is a bit cluttered and tedious. A formal writing desk makes the space feel more like a traditional classroom away from the classroom.

Dry Erase Lapboards

Photo via School Specialty

Dry erase boards are an easy way for to implement distancing into curriculum. Students can write out their answers and work on the whiteboards and hold them up versus going up to the board and touching communal chalk or markers.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Photo via Best Buy

With online learning, the most out of control element is noise and distraction. Whether that be inside your home or outside it. The smallest of inconveniences can impact test scores and the overall learning experience.

So, while noise cancelling headphones are a lofty purchase, they are worth considering to make the online process feel a little less out of the student’s hands.

Disinfecting Wipes

Photo via Clorox

A crucial part of middle and high school is switching classrooms. This means being at a new desk that another student was just sitting in. While safety protocols are in place to not send children to school when they are sick or have a fever, additional parameters should still be set like cleaning desks after each class period.

Disinfecting wipes will empower students and ensure they are in a clean seating area, which will have less effects if they happen to touch their faces.


Photo via Walgreens

Washing your hands for 20 seconds is the most effective way to stop yourself from getting sick. There are curated 20 hand washing songs specifically for this endeavor for kids who might want to speed through the process. But for schools, it can be tough to keep the soap dispensers full and ready to go.

Ease that burden and keep your child prepared by sending them with their own mini bottle of hand soap.

Opting to keep your child home this school year? Check out the ultimate online back-to-school shopping list and make sure you have all you need to set your kids up for success.


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