Detroit Homework Hotline Arrives for Public School Kids

The service is offered by the Detroit Public Schools Community District thanks to a grant. Here's the scoop on the Detroit homework hotline.

Most parents know the feeling: It’s an hour before bedtime, dinner dishes are piled in the sink and you can’t move on with the night because you’re staring at a math equation that has both your child and you stumped.

Blame it on Common Core or the amount of homework today’s kids bring home, but many parents are either unable to help with kids’ homework or simply unavailable for hands-on help during prime homework hours after school.

One new solution? A free homework hotline. The Detroit Public Schools Community District launched its homework hotline in February 2019, Fox 2 Detroit reports.

Students can call the Detroit homework hotline at 1-833-466-3978 between 5 and 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday during the school year to speak directly with a certified teacher. Homework help is available for grades K-12 in subjects including math and English language arts, according to the report.

The free Detroit homework hotline is made possible thanks to a $150,000 grant from United Way for Southeastern Michigan, Fox 2 notes.

According to the Detroit Public Schools Community District website, students who call should be prepared with their homework, a pencil and work paper. Tutors will work to assist with any homework assigned, and students are welcome to call again if they need more help after their first call.

“Based on the volume of calls, tutors may need to limit the number of problems they can address in a single call,” the website explains. “Students can always call back for additional support with other problems.”

If the line is busy, students will be placed on hold until a tutor is available, the DPSCD site adds.

The hotline is only open on school days; it’s not available on snow days or during school breaks or other days when school is off.

If a homework hotline isn’t available for your child’s school district, consider these top tutoring centers for kids in the metro Detroit and Ann Arbor area.

Visit the Detroit Public Schools Community District Homework Hotline website to learn more about this student-help option.


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