Get Kids Grooving with These Dance Classes Near Rochester Hills

Explore the suburb's vibrant dance scene with these best kids dance classes.

Discover a world of dance near Rochester Hills, where academies offer everything from Irish dancing to comprehensive performing arts programs. These studios emphasize skill development, self-esteem and the pure joy of dance, welcoming students of all ages and levels in a supportive community environment.

The Shannon Irish Dance Company

Situated on the south side of Hamlin Road, this dance academy provides Irish dancing lessons designed for children as young as 2 1/2 years old. The comprehensive Irish Dance Program fosters the development of coordination, self-esteem and social skills in preschoolers through a blend of dance, music and play. Additionally, they extend the opportunity for a complimentary trial class for Jump’n Jug, available for ages 3-5, as well as beginner classes catering to ages 6-17.

2nd Street Studio of Dance

This dance studio stands out for its emphasis on technique, performance and enjoyment within a family-friendly setting. Catering to individuals of all ages and experience levels, the studio offers top-notch dance training and performance prospects. For this dance studio they’ve adopted a non-competitive approach, choosing not to partake in dance competitions. This philosophy aligns with the belief that dance is accessible to everyone, be it for aspiring professionals, those seeking enjoyment or individuals who relish the joy of watching a captivating performance.

Deborah’s Stage Door Center for the Performing Arts

Deborah’s Stage Door ensures that whether you’re a beginner looking for a recreational dance lessons or an aspiring artist pursuing a more intensive study, everyone feels right at home. This is a vibrant and inclusive hub for arts education, catering to a diverse range of age groups from preschoolers to adults. The academy boasts an impressive curriculum that spans dance, voice, piano, guitar, acting, musical theatre, gymnastics, tumbling and cheerleading. It’s a one-stop destination for individuals seeking to explore their artistic passions or embark on a serious study of the performing arts. Summer registration is now open.

Pointe Academy Dance Center

If you’re looking for a dance class that prioritizes positive growth, family values, and a professional approach to training, The Pointe Academy Dance Center is the ideal choice. The Pointe Academy Dance Center presents a wide array of classes catering to both professional and recreational dancers, ensuring a diverse and inclusive learning experience.

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Darlene A. White
Darlene A. White
Darlene A. White, is a dedicated freelance journalist based in metro Detroit. With over a decade of journalistic experience under her belt, she creates compelling stories that attract a diverse readership, with a particular emphasis on parenting. As a mom of twins, Darlene enjoys library visits, park coffees and Target outings.


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