Musical Instruments and Toys for Kids

Did you know September is Classical Music Month and National Piano Month? It’s definitely a month for tunes! For kids especially, there’s so much to love about music. It’s not just the sounds – although that certainly is a big part – but its power and influence to transcend all levels and age groups. These instrument-inspired toys will help your child develop musical, cognitive and creative skills, all while having fun. Set the stage for a future made-in-Detroit maestro – or just have a blast banging on some drums. Whatever you decide to do, celebrate music this month with your whole family.


Zoo Rhythm Land Creatures

Musical Toys Plus offers a toy specifically targeted at toddlers. The shapes and sounds of the Zoo Rhythm Land creatures will keep your kiddies entertained. Each pack of five has five different instruments for your child to experience and learn. A sea-creature pack is also available. Sets are $39.99.


Otamatone Electronic Instrument

This is a unique musical instrument designed for children 8-plus. This note-shaped critter has a little face on the head portion (its mouth opens, too!), and you simply slide your finger up and down the stem to change pitch – and squeeze the guy’s cheeks for vibrato. Sold by for $34.99.



Playing music can be as easy as drawing or scribbling on paper. Drawdio from Adafruit is an electronic pencil that lets you make music while you draw. The conductive properties of pencil graphite create different sounds, so you can experiment for hours! You can use any pencil, but the softer the lead, the better. This product is designed for all ages. Scribble and draw away for only $17.95.


Dance Hall Piano Musical Toy

This affordable “play piano” is a perfect toy to introduce your children to the classical side of music. This 37-key instrument from Toys “R” Us features 15 built-in demo songs and eight instrument choices and background choices. Get yours for $49.99.


Quarter-Size Student Acoustic Guitar (Blue)

This highest-quality toy guitar will seem like anything but a toy. It has the authenticity and feel of a standard-size guitar, but downsized for children ages 4 to 6. Sold by Palm Kids for $79.99.


First Act Discovery Junior Drum Set

Kids can unleash their inner rock star with this drum set from FAO Schwarz! This kit comes complete with authentic drums and tunable drumheads. It also includes a bass drum with California foot pedal, tom drum, snare drum, cymbal, wooden drumsticks and tuning key. You can rock in minutes with the patented push mounts that make it easy to put together. Runs $79.99.


Steppin’ Guessin’ Musical Playmat Game

Your family will enjoy this global-award winning musical game. Team members must try and name the song before time runs out, while the person performing the song does so – on a big play mat keyboard! The “Steppin’ Guessin’ Musical Playmat Game” is sold on for $27.95.


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