Home 2019


Join the teen advisory for an evening of mystery, food and fun. Be a member of the crime scene or help solve the crime. Can you guess who did it? Only teens allowed in the library aft 6pm for this special after hours youth event. Aimed at ages 12-18
Join local chemists for hands-on science fun. Visit stations to learn about science, run science demos yourself and take home some of your experiments. Sponsored by the American Chemical Society Huron Valley Section. Aimed at ages 5-16.
A penny saved is a penny earned! Learn the do’s and don’ts when it comes to making and saving money, as well as some history and a fun science experiment. Walk away with a brand new personalized piggy bank. Supplies limited to first 20 kids.
We will make super bubble wands for huge bubbles and experiment to find the right ingredients to make the best bubbles. Modified program will take place inside in case of rain.
Use heat from sunlight to create simple treats with your own solar pizza oven. First, we’ll build our ovens while learning about insulation, absorption and the sun’s energy. Then, we will bake up yummy snacks by harnessing the power of the sun.
Join Brain Monkeys and learn to program a bird to dance and sing. Due to a limited amount of kits and computers, we will rotate through this portion. When not making birds dance you will also build a Super Slinger Ball Launcher using everyday supplies.
Put your stamp on it with DIY stamping creations crafted from unexpected materials. Participants will be able to choose from mystery materials in a large range of textures and shapes and will create a unique stamp to take home.