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Join Eton Academy faculty, staff, students and families as we bring you a virtual Eton Academy admissions experience! Learn more about how Eton Academy helps students who learn differently find success in school and life.
Join CTL Director, Ellen Tatone, to learn more how Eton Tutor Pros can help your student thrive, either locally or anywhere in the country.
Project Summer: Weekly Plans for Parents to Keep Students Engaged provides parents with an array of fun, academic-based activities and projects to keep students learning throughout the summer. Weekly meetings will provide plans for the following week, along with supplemental materials to go along with the activities.
This engaging workshop will help you plan out your student's summer, anchoring them in their strengths, working on strengthening their skills and having FUN while doing so. We invite both Eton and community parents to attend. Anyone can benefit from this workshop. Eton Academy has been serving students and families...
Over the past three decades Eton Academy has been a leader in teaching and learning. The Science of Learning Symposium offers the community an opportunity to explore the neuroscience behind how our brains work and how it impacts student learning. The symposium will help parents, teachers, and professionals better...
Join Eton Academy faculty, staff, students and parents to learn more about Eton Academy's school program for students who learn differently. Whether it's ADHD, dyslexia, or some other learning difference, Eton Academy has been the community resource for over 30 years serving the Metro Detroit area.
Meet with representatives from specialized college, university and post-high school programs tailored to students who learn differently. The College for Creative Studies, Oakland University, Mercyhurst University and many others will be in attendance.