Co-Parenting Solutions, LLC

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Co-Parenting Solutions, LLC facilitates positive co-parenting relationships between former partners to establish a paradigm that will serve the best interest of their children during a difficult time of transition. We provide tailored and individualized co-parenting counseling and skill building sessions for parents raising children in separate homes. For newly separating parents, we can help create a personalized Parenting Time Agreement for the court focusing on the unique circumstances of each family.

Co-parenting counseling sessions are also offered for families who have been separated for quite some time and are facing challenges as their children move into new developmental phases or who need coordination services between parents to help with ongoing communication obstacles. Other services offered include mental health support for adult children of divorce who are feeling caught between their parents, skill building for “blended families” who are facing challenges in step-parenting, mental health counseling for grandparents/extended family and full service Divorce Mediation for those who want an amicable and less costly alternative to the divorce process.

Our goal is to help families face the challenges of parenting together while living separately successfully for an outcome that will impact the children positively and help them adjust to their “new normal.”

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