The Cathedral Choir School of Metropolitan Detroit

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The Cathedral Choir School of Metropolitan Detroit is a not-for-profit outreach program of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in cooperation with Cathedral Community Services. The Choir School provides an excellent, fundamental music education to children in the metropolitan Detroit region, and is open to all youth, regardless of religious affiliation. Choristers focus on vocal technique, musicianship, and citizenship in the context of the liturgical life of the Cathedral, and serve as the treble section of the famed Cathedral Choir. The program is tuition-free.

The Choir School is a community that, while focused on music, is a systematic, long-term investment in young people. Children emerge from this experience with a deep love of fine arts, enhanced self-confidence, and an ability to work collaboratively. The Choir School is affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music in America, which adheres to the principle that children are capable of learning to sing the finest in choral music from all composers, of all periods. The RSCM model is used by many of the finest choral establishments and conductors in the USA and abroad. This curriculum is structured as a system of goals. Setting and attaining achievable goals is intended to encourage a chorister to develop his or her musical ability to the highest level. Parents will find that this system encourages self-discipline and goal setting.

The boy and girl choristers form the treble (soprano) section of the famed Cathedral Choir, involving consistent application of their developing music skills, while singing the finest in choral music from all periods and in a variety of languages. The Choir made a tour of England in 2014 where it was in residence at Chichester and Southwark cathedrals.

Piano Study

All choristers who show commitment to the program are eligible for reduced-tuition piano study as part of their musical curriculum. These lessons are taught by one of the choir school faculty members.


Boys and girls who wish to be considered candidates for the choir go through an informal audition process to gain admittance. This is nothing to worry about. We assume that your child has not had previous musical training. The try-out is merely a method by which we gauge a child’s potential for success in the program. It involves a few pitch matching exercises as well as other ear exercises. We want the child to feel as comfortable about the process as possible.

There are no mass auditions. Our Music Staff likes to take each and every audition individually.

The choir program here at the Cathedral is a unique musical opportunity for children. We hope you will consider becoming a part of it.

To schedule an audition or to speak further with someone about the program, please contact Mr. Jeremy David Tarrant, Cathedral Organist and Choirmaster: 313-833-7547 or Visit us on the web at

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