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Whether a child has dyslexia, is on the autism spectrum, or has other learning challenges, it can be difficult to read, comprehend, and learn math skills. In an effort to help children reach their full potential, Pat Lindamood and Nanci Bell founded Lindamood-Bell learning centers in 1986.

Since its founding, Lindamood-Bell has expanded to 57 centers worldwide and, right here in southeast Michigan, it’s helping students thrive academically at centers in Birmingham and Ann Arbor.

“We are best known for our intensive remediation where we help students with reading, comprehension and math,” says Amanda Klimek, the executive center director of Lindamood-Bell’s Birmingham Learning Center.

The centers offer one-on-one instruction, both in-person and online, to students ages 5 and older who are struggling with reading, comprehension and math.

The instructors use a process-based approach, which helps work on the underlying foundations that support a child’s reading, Klimek says.

While these services are offered year-round in Birmingham and Ann Arbor, in the summertime, Lindamood-Bell reaches other cities in metro Detroit through its summer offerings. In fact, students can continue to work on their math and literacy skills by participating in one of three different summer programs:

Seeing Stars Program for Reading Fluency and Spelling

Students who struggle to read the words on a page or can’t remember spelling and sight words have weak symbol imagery. This program helps them successfully develop symbol imagery for both reading and spelling.

Visualizing and Verbalizing Program for Cognitive Development, Comprehension and Thinking

For the student who is able to read but doesn’t understand what she’s reading, this comprehensive program can help. Students learn to create a “movie” to remember something and learn how to evaluate it.

On Cloud Nine Math Program Visualizing and Verbalizing Math

Math can cause some serious stress for students. This program helps students who have difficulty understanding computation and math facts.

The summer programs run on average from six to eight weeks, Klimek says, and this year, there are attempts to establish learning camps set up in both Grosse Pointe and Rochester. At the Rochester and Grosse Pointe learning camps, summer programming would run July 22-Aug. 30, 2019. For students working in the year-round centers, the summer program takes place June 17-Aug. 30, 2019.

While some families might opt to send their kids to horse, soccer, or swim camp, there are big benefits to attending learning-based camps like the ones offered at Lindamood-Bell. These camps give kids the chance to work on concepts they may be struggling with – and prepare for the upcoming school year.

And for those who might think these camps are all just about reading and math – think again.

“When students come to us, they have a great time,” Klimek says. “We make it a lot of fun.” Kids read, move around, play games, and take part in other activities.

Klimek says the folks at Lindamood-Bell strive to provide positive experiences to students – whether they are in the center for the summer or the entire school year. Kids become more motivated as they progress through the program.

“Lindamood-Bell is not meant to be a forever thing,” she says. “The intensity is really to get our students independent and to get them where they are supposed to be.”

Enrollment for summer programming is open now. For more information on Lindamood-Bell and its summer program, visit the Lindamood-Bell website.

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