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Dr. Majella Caven, DDS, has been an artist her entire life. Even today, her artwork is displayed throughout her office at Anchor Family Dentistry in Commerce Township. She’s taken the concepts she learned from creating art and applied it to her career as a general dentist.

“While I went into the sciences in college, I’ve always been into art. There is a really high artistic component to dentistry,” Dr. Caven says. “There are colors, shapes, making sure things match, symmetry and even ceramics and carving that is involved.”

Dr. Caven has combined her passions for art and dentistry to create a career and a practice that she loves. She has several years of experience as a dentist in the metro Detroit area. Through her post graduate residency in a general practice, she was exposed to different aspects of dentistry, providing her with knowledge about cosmetics and orthodontia, as well.

“Since then, I’ve taught courses at University of Detroit Mercy and completed several continuing education courses, which have expanded my knowledge in general dentistry, as well. Our patients come to us to be seen for all aspects,” Dr. Caven notes.

As a mother, Dr. Caven is proud that her practice offers services for the entire family.

“We try to make it comfortable for our patients with families. We are a patient-centered practice and the way we work is to make things convenient for everyone we see. We involve our patients in their care and listen to their needs,” Dr. Caven says.

Those needs could be patient comfort items like televisions and music during cleanings and exams, to nitrous sedation for those who are nervous about dental procedures. The staff also gets to know the patients, she adds.

“We try to keep patients with the same hygienist all the way through so they both have a good relationship,” Dr. Caven says. “We’re not that big of a practice where we don’t remember our patients. It’s so key to us to let people know we remember and care about them.”

At Anchor Family Dentistry, Dr. Caven encourages parents to bring their children to the dentist right after their first birthday when the first teeth have start to come in.

“Those appointments are really just to educate the parents and answer any questions they have. We want to get the children familiar with being at the dentist,” she says.

“As kids grow, we are able to look for issues that will require further intervention, like cross bites and overcrowding. We have great relationships with specialists in the nearby area, who are part of our team,” she adds.

To accommodate busy families, the office offers flexible hours. They have appointments early in the morning, throughout the day, and some evening hours. There are also Saturday appointments available.

Dr. Caven doesn’t just want to have an impact on the lives of her patients, she also encourages her staff to be involved in the community.

“We have scholarships, fundraisers for different charities and special events throughout the year. Each year, right after Halloween, we participate in Operation Gratitude, which collects candy and puts together care packages to send to troops overseas,” she says. Anchor Family Dentistry also hosts a backpack drive, food drive and other community-based activities throughout the year.

“One of the things we recently started at our office is a mentorship program for high school students. They can come in and shadow us during the summer months for a week and learn about dentistry,” Dr. Caven notes. “We really want to be part of the community and make a difference here.”

For more information, visit Anchor Family Dentistry’s website or call 248-366-8001.

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