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Splash Universe, located in Dundee, is more than just a water park. In fact, it’s the perfect place for an afternoon of play or a weekend getaway. While you’ll find slides, a lazy river and plenty of water-based activities, the facility also offers other family-friendly options like meeting spaces, an arcade and escape rooms, says Cara Bischoff, the Director of Operations at Splash Universe.

The main attraction of Splash Universe is the 25,000 square-foot, shallow-water park. Inside, she says, there are large twisting slides for the older crowd and small, simple slides for the very young guests.

“What’s so unique about our facility is the size. If you are a parent, you can be standing just about anywhere in the facility and have a great vantage point of just about anywhere else. This gives older kids a little bit of freedom to explore,” Bischoff says.

Chairs and tables surround the water park area, but for those looking for a little more comfort, Bischoff says Splash Universe rents five cabanas on the mezzanine level. These tent-like structures offer televisions, fans, chairs, a dedicated server, souvenir cups and free drink refills all day long.

“We find these are really popular when you have multigenerational groups that are visiting together,” Bischoff says.

Aside from the water park, Bischoff says there is a 3,000 square-foot arcade that has been revamped and offers a unique play option.

“We’ve added a lot of games that cater to the tween or teen crowd. They are not the age demographic interested in the prize redemption. They just want to play video games. So we have an arcade card that can be used for a period of time rather than a number of games,” Bischoff says. One card can be used for multiple people and it allows the guests to play the new games, air hockey tables, basketball hoops and other non-redemption games as many times as they want.

Another new attraction popular with the older kids are the two different break-out escape rooms. Splash Universe currently has “Taken” in which players have 60-minutes to help secure hostages before the kidnappers return. The other, known as “Game Over,” is designed for families. In “Game Over” players have wandered into an abandoned arcade and need to escape before the police arrive.

All of the attractions are regularly analyzed to make sure they are current and engaging for the guests, Bischoff says.

“We monitor guest feedback constantly,” she adds. If, for example, a new game in the arcade isn’t getting a lot of play, Splash Universe will replace it with something else. She says the escape rooms, which are now about a year old, are getting ready to go through a refresh. The plan is to replace one every six months so they are fresh and exciting for returning guests.

Splash Universe offers four different party rooms, which Bischoff says are used most often for birthday parties, however they can also accommodate other family gatherings all the way to events such as weddings and corporate events.

“Working parents who travel for corporate events and conferences often are not with the families. We offer a place for businesses to meet that allows for families to have fun in the downtime,” Bischoff says.

Splash Universe’s dining options offer quick on-the-go food as well as sit-down meals. The Snack Shack has food and drinks within the water park. The Treehouse Pub and Grub has offers a variety of food options including burgers and pizza. Splash Universe also offers a variety of alcoholic beverages at the restaurant.

Splash Universe is located off of US-23 in Dundee. Guests can opt to make a day trip to the park or stay in the on-site Best Western Dundee, which partners with Splash Mountain and has 76 rooms. The Splash Universe Resort features 87 theme rooms and suites dedicated to the water park. Bischoff says there are regular stay-and-play packages offered for those who want to visit for more than a day. There are also season passes available for guests who plan to visit often.

Bischoff recommends that guests check the online calendar to make sure the water park is open. During the school year, hours are limited. There are extended days and hours during breaks and throughout the summer months. Park passes are also available from the website. Bischoff says buying online guarantees admission. Tickets purchased at the door are subject to availability.

The park offers monthly specials through their website as well.

For more information, including water park hours and special events and to purchase park passes, visit SplashUniverse.com.

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