French School of Detroit

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Families looking for a unique educational opportunity for their preschoolers need look no further than the French School of Detroit.

“We run a licensed program that would be similar to any other early childhood program in the area, except for our program offers a strong curriculum taught in French and English,” says Kerri Gronevelt, director of the French School of Detroit Preschool, which is located in Farmington Hills.

This bilingual preschool and child care program, which begins enrolling children at 12 months old and continues until kindergarten, prepares students for grade school while introducing them to French language and culture.

The French School of Detroit offers French immersion to non-native speakers, and it also provides continued education for French-speaking students who have relocated to Michigan from France and other countries. In most cases, children’s families have moved here for career opportunities, Gronevelt says.

“We belong to the network of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE). There are many certified French schools across the nation,” she explains. At the French School of Detroit, children who have settled in the metro Detroit area can continue their education during their time in the States – and be academically prepared before heading back home or moving to another part of the world.

While many students at the French School are from other countries, though, admission isn’t limited to French-speaking families or those from outside of the United States. In fact, any local family looking for a language-immersion preschool option for their child is welcome to apply.

The program is competitively priced with other preschool, kindergarten or toddler programs in the area, Gronevelt adds.

“It is a fantastic opportunity,” she says. Children cultivate the same skills they would at any other preschool program, but they receive the added bonus of learning another language with native speakers in the mix. They learn in small class sizes, too, which means extra attention for each child.

“The kids get a lot of care,” Gronevelt says. “Our staff is remarkable. They are certified experienced teachers.”

For more information on the French School of Detroit, along with enrollment details, call 248-203-5703 or the French School of Detroit website.

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