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Where do you go when you need to get in a great workout, buy that perfect gift and have lunch?

If you’re like most, you’re not going to waste the day bouncing from gym to restaurant to shop. Instead, you’re going to visit your local mall.

With convenient one-stop shopping, a trip to an area mall has become a necessity for busy American families, including those here in southeast Michigan.

Of course, not all malls can offer the same top-notch experience as Orchard Mall! We offer everything that you’re looking for in a comfortable setting, right in your own backyard.

Conveniently located on Orchard Lake Road in West Bloomfield, Orchard Mall offers 22 businesses that provides everything from hot yoga and fitness classes to restaurants, children’s toys, fine jewelry and now even pet products.

Premier Pet Supply is our latest addition, says Kelly Woodley, the property manager at Orchard Mall.

“Next to Premier Pet Supply, we have Toyology, a fun and educational toy store. We also have a talented photography studio and after-school kids’ programming at our new martial arts studio, True Martial Arts, and Mathnasium.”

In addition, there are two restaurants, a driving school and even somewhere to have your clothes tailored!

Finally, there are several independently-owned boutiques, which are typical for Orchard Mall. In fact, apart from Planet Fitness, most of the shopping and service options available are local brands, which keeps in line with their dedication to the community in which the mall is located.

“We are a smaller footprint for a retail shopping center and because of that, we are able be stay involved in the community and contribute to family-fun events throughout the year,” Woodley adds.

During the holiday season, the mall hosts Breakfast with Santa where kids can sit down and have a yummy meal with jolly old St. Nick. Alternatively, families can find the annual Chanukah Wonderland event, which features bounce houses, crafts, a Grand Menorah lighting and more.

Some other events the mall offers include an annual Halloween event, the annual Kids Hero Con, which is put on in collaboration with Metro Parent Media Group, and even a food truck rally in support of West Bloomfield Youth Assistance.

“We try to take each of our events and make them about the community,” Woodley explains. The popularity of these events draws in the crowds which introduces new patrons to our mall and its merchants.

“We want you to have a successful shopping trip in a place that’s comfortable and familiar, that you enjoy to be in,” Woodley says.

Are you curious about upcoming events and other offerings at the Orchard Mall? You can visit them online at orchardmallwb.com or keep up-to-date on the latest happenings via Facebook.

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