February Quick Links

Black History Month Activities

Bring the lessons to life for kids all February long with a variety of exhibits and events happening throughout southeast Michigan.

Mid-Winter Fun in Southeast Michigan

Bust up that February time-off boredom with science camps, basketball drills, stage shows, superhero training and plenty of other activities for kiddos.

Dangerous YouTube Challenges

From Tide Pods to duct tape, every time you turn around, it seems the internet is goading kids into attempting a new ‘challenge.’ Here’s how to keep your family safe.

Great Canadian Getaways

Iconic Niagara Falls. ‘Festive’ Stratford. And more! Discover five not-too-far-from-metro-Detroit family vacation escapes courtesy of our neighbors to the north.

Are Playdates Necessary?

Sure, they have benefits. But a local expert says sometimes, those same social perks can come from preschool experiences or elsewhere. Get the scoop.

Best 1980s Films to Watch as a Family

Stranger Things has us hankering for some legit ’80s classics. Dig into our list of 15 kids movies that are essential viewing for your own modern-day “goonies.”

Contests: Win Cool Stuff

Click here for a crack at family products and events. Find this page after February? Click anyway. We’ve always got goods up for grabs.

Winter Survival Freebie

Whether it’s festivals filled with ice sculptures, stage shows, family fun centers, ice skating rinks or indoor pools, find loads of family fun all winter long.

Best Family Fun Centers in Southeast Michigan

Ice-cold weather calls for red-hot fun. And this list of family activity centers has got you covered, from trampoline antics to gaming bonanzas.

Tips & Tricks

Got a brilliant hack or solution to everyday parenting problem? Don’t keep it to yourself. If we print yours, you’ll get $25.

Grandparent Connection from Afar

Even if grandma and grandpa live far away, there are plenty of ways to nurture a bond with your kids. Whether it’s Skype or old-school paper, here are some ideas.

European Family Vacations

A trip across the pond can feel daunting. But this guide proves that it’s more than doable – and an incredible, unforgettable experience for your kids.

Family Events from January to March

Skiing, trampolines, auto shows, museum exhibits, factory tours, skate spots, theater, zoos, sports, movies, nature, festivals and pools – it’s all in store.

What to Do This Weekend

All the best family events, all over southeast Michigan: It’s all covered, all the time, all for you – whatever the season or weather.