It happened again, didn’t it?

Five days went by in a flash and now the weekend is back. Little eyes stare up at you saying “Mooooom! We’re BORED!”

Don’t worry, we got you.

Thanks to our friends at Southeast Michigan Ford Dealers, we are bringing you “Ford Fun Days” — single-day itineraries with themes that you can use all year long.  

Follow us on Instagram (or check back here) for each month’s video itinerary, created and vetted by mom and daughter duo, Lauren and Roxanne. The activities are short and manageable enough to tackle in an afternoon but still jampacked with fun — and sometimes even a sneaky lesson or two.

Meet Lauren and Roxanne! 


Pretend It's Still Summer

Hang on to those sunny vibes with one more day of fake summer. 😎 Check out our latest #FordFunDay!

1. Do go chasin’ waterfalls. 🌿

Hop in your car and head to the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center (near the riverwalk) in downtown Detroit! Where you’ll head INSIDE to take in all the glories of nature. This place is HUGE and boasts an indoor waterfall, a tree slide, fishing and four wheeling experiences. Plus, a rope bridge that leads to an abandoned plane, deep in the (indoor) wilderness. All while not freezing your tush off.

2. Bring that outdoorsy spirit home with you! 🔥

Hit the gas station on the way home and pick up a bundle of firewood to keep that summer feeling burning! Then set up in your own backyard for an at-home, cold weather camp fire. Cause who says it needs to be a balmy summer evening to feel a little Up-North feelin’?!

Let's Do The Time Warp

Today let’s turn your car into a way back machine with our latest #FordFunDay adventure! ⏰🚘⁣

1. Feel Like a Kid Again at Time Blaster Toys 🧸⁣

‘80s and ‘90s babies rejoice! We have found your happy place. @timeblastertoys in Westland is a short drive away but will teleport you all the way back to your youth. Like seriously, I found a bucket full of McDonalds toys that triggered memories in my brain I had no idea were still in there. They’ve got plenty of vintage AND new toys to peruse. Not to mention a few arcade games to play as well as a Ninja Turtles ride to ride! And last but certainly not least, a throwback TV set-up that was definitely playing Rugrats when we got there. So, ya. ⁣

2. Enjoy Timeless Carnival Fun at Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum 🎠⁣

Now hop back in the car and go visit Marvin’s! This place kicks you back in time a little further. Imagine yourself somewhere between the high era of arcade games and turn of the century sideshow carnivals. And trust me there is NO shortage of things to look at in this establishment. Every inch is covered in vintage memorabilia to see, play with and touch. Visit an eerie (mechanical) fortune teller’s booth or cure yourself of your fear of spiders by sticking your hand in a mysterious hole. That makes sense, right? And once you’re done freaking yourself out, relax by playing some pinball or skeeball!⁣

Be Brave! Pt. 1

Do you have a kid who is so brave they’d do just about anything? Or one that needs a little practice in this department? Try out our Be Brave Day! 💪⁣⁣

1. Test your balance at @troygymnastics. 🤸‍♀️⁣⁣

A high ropes course for the young? When is it open and how do I get there!? For this “high” ropes course the maximum height is 48 inches. So take your littlest ones with energy to burn and go get climbing.⁣⁣


Be Brave! Pt. 2

2. Say hi to some animal friends at @louspetshop. 🐢⁣⁣⁣

This certainly isn’t your average pet shop! A tarantula, chameleon, giant cane toad and an even more giant tortoise (that actually roams the store) are among what you’ll find here. Store owner Donny and his staff are MORE than happy to help you see, touch and explore! The genuine love of animals is palpable here and that will make what your kid might fear … seem all the more approachable.⁣

Fun in Flint!

Go seek-a-somewhere that’s close, but far! 🚙 You know, that town that’s only one hour away yet you’ve never been? And for us, that was Flint! And pssst. This whole day was 100% free, aside from gas and snacks. What’s better than that?⁣ ⁣

1. Hike at Steppingstone Falls 🥾

⁣This man-made waterfall is a real wow. Architectural, dramatic, artful and BIG … check, check, check and check. Then once you’ve gazed long enough at the falls, check out some of the trails that lead you into the natural areas that surround. ⁣

2. Explore For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum 🌳⁣

Next we traveled down the road a mere 10 minutes…to check out For-Mar’s most excellent tree house! Don’t worry there will be room for your whole crew as this large scale tree house can fit up to 30 humans inside. With the additional awesome trait of being barrier-free for anyone who is differently abled. Inside you’ll find great views, board games and that general feeling of being a lost boy you forgot you loved. When you’re done there, explore the campus a bit! We found there was more to see there than we could even get to in a day. For example an active beehive (behind glass) inside at the visitor’s center and a greenhouse-style butterfly habitat, back outside! I have a feeling this won’t be our last visit to this great spot. @formarnature⁣ 

Dog Day Out

1. Visit the @detroitanimalcareandcontrol! 🐾⁣

Don’t make an appointment, just go! Hop in the car and drive yourself to Detroit Animal Care and Control. Then just ring the bell and @friendsofdacc will be waiting for you. They’ll get you set up with a doggo that you can bust out for the afternoon or even…(gasp!)…for a sleepover! ⁣

2. Give the shelter dog a good day! 😎⁣

DACC will arm you with treats, other dog essentials and even a list of some Detroit dog-friendly locations that you can use to explore your city. ⁣

When you return all they ask is you fill out a little report card. Because if you haven’t already become convinced to keep this dog yourself, it helps to have some info for their next potential owner. Do they ride well in a car? ✅ Do they get along with other dogs? ✅ Good with kids? ✅ Are they snuggly little snuggle bugs who are filled with all the loves in all the world? ✅ ⁣

Wait…why are you bringing them back to the shelter again? ‘Cause you probably need yourself a little Chance, Sassy or Shadow in your life right about now… right ‘90s babies? 😉⁣

Make My Heart Race

1. Vroom over to Waterford Hills Raceway! 🏁⁣

Did you even know there’s an amateur raceway right in our own Metro Detroit backyard? Go check out @waterfordhillsmi for a (cheap!) day of fun! Here are some things to know before you go:⁣

➡️ You’ll find there are areas that are completely free to watch the action. Or head in a little closer and pay a reasonable $5 per person. ⁣

➡️ Once inside, you’ll find you can wander around and check out cars, spot future drivers and grab a snack or an easy, concession meal. ⁣

➡️ But before you go, check their events calendar at for open race days, which run from April to October! You’ll have tons of fun and probably even learn that Tracy Chapman isn’t the only one who’s got a fast car. ⁣

⁣2. Create your own racetrack at home! ✂️

⁣Maybe that was enough racing for YOU but your kid’s not done yet. So let’s keep it simple this time. Just type “road tape” into your Amazon search bar and add it to your cart! This stuff is perrrrfect for a kid to entertain themselves with after (your) long day of activity and engagement. Give them some ground rules on what’s ok to stick it to, hand them a few matchbox cars … then let their imagination run wild. While you sit down to some dinner? A show? A cool beverage? Beep-beep, beep-beep ya.⁣

Let's Roll!

1. This Ain’t No Kentucky Derby! 🏁⁣

Head on down to the D and watch the @detroitderby Girls do their thing! With reasonably-priced tickets, a family friendly atmosphere and some amazing architecture at the Masonic, that’s just the start. The best part? Showing your daughters (and sons!) that this athletic group of women competes hard AND show love and sportsmanship for one another — with every spin around the rink.⁣

⁣2. Rollllllllll Bounce!⁣

Now, roll on down the road and try it for yourself! Reintroduce your kids to this classic family favorite and have them test their own skills at your neighborhood rink. Now, these two activities may be a little much for one day. So feel free to make it a skaters’ weekend…to ensure you enjoy both activities fully and don’t let them “roll” by too quickly. ⁣

Strange Lands

1. Head to Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve 🪨⁣

⁣I know, I know you’ve probably visited a monolithic boulder garden plenty of times — oh wait you haven’t? Well then get in your car and go! You’ll feel like you wandered onto another planet … or at the very least Michigan’s modern answer to Stonehenge. @southfieldparksrecreation

2. Glow up ⛳️⁣

Next hop back in your car and do a quick drive down the road to Zap Zone in Farmington for an “illuminating” game of glow in the dark putt putt golf! The feeling of the strange and unusual will follow you there, as you float through both undersea lands and prehistoric scenes. @zapzonefarmington

Bring a Book to Life, PART 2

1. Head to your local bookstore 📚⁣⁣

⁣For us, that was @toadvinebooks! An absolutely charming little used bookstore located in downtown Berkley. But you know you’ve got a good one somewhere in your neck of the woods too! So tuck in between the aisles and breathe deep. Because (1) you need a break from your usual doom scrolling, and (2) Mmmmmm the smell of books! ⁣⁣⁣⁣

2. Choose a book 👀⁣⁣

We chose the kid’s classic, The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. But the options are endless so let your brain go wild! Feeling tapped out for ideas? We’ve got you covered with our list of classic books for every age – You can also watch our Part 1 video to see another book adventure come to life!

3. Choose an adventure! 🐈⁣⁣

Now bring your book to life by pairing it with an activity of your choice! For us that was visiting Ferndale’s @catfelounge and hanging with some little furry friends. But we simply cannot wait to see what pair you dream up instead. So get out there and make that magic!⁣⁣

For more ideas, see Part 1!

Winter Explorer Day

1. Visit the @detroitzoo 🐧⁣

In the winter?! Yep! Animals like gray wolves, tigers, camels and polar bears are actually more active in the colder months which can make for a much more action-packed visit! Warm up in the indoor spaces like the balmy reptile house, the newly reopened Polk Penguin Conservation Center or one of the indoor restaurants. For more tips on how to explore the zoo in those colder months, check out our guide! ⁣

⁣2. Then, embrace the season by dining in an igloo! 🍽⁣

After watching the polar bears frolick, let your own inner arctic animal out by dining in an igloo. Outdoor dining in Michigan winter used to be impossible, but restaurant igloos have been popping up all over since the pandemic forced us to get creative. We reserved a space at @detroitfleat in Ferndale where they also offered a s’more platter and hot chocolate experience. It’s the perfect way to cure cabin fever and still stay warm. ⁣

In the Driver's Seat

1. Visit the biggest, baddest truck in town 🚒⁣

Did you know anyone can tour a fire truck up close and personal? You can! Call up your local fire station and ask when a good time to come by is. You’ll find that, generally, they are very excited to show the kids around. We visited the Rochester Hills Fire Department and got a surprise visit from Sparky the firehouse dog mascot!⁣

2. Fill up at Ford’s Garage ⛽⁣

Finish your engine-powered day with some fuel at Ford’s Garage restaurant (@fordsgaragedearborn). They have Model T’s parked out front and Ford memorabilia covering the walls – even the bathroom is car-themed! Your little one’s motor-mind will be melted and their belly full. ⁣

Chowdown Showdown

1. Choose the food category for your Chowdown Showdown⁣ 🍔

⁣Chicken tender bender, french fry face off, burger splurger, ice cream spree… Any food item will do! Roxanne and her cousins love a crispy chicken tender and Metro Detroit has a plethora of poultry to vie for top bird. ⁣

2. Pick your players⁣ 👩‍🍳🧑‍🍳

Get the debate going at home first — ask your kiddos who they think has the best fill-in-the-blank-food. Make a list and prepare to round up the goods. For our caloric clash, we put Kuzzo’s Chicken & Waffles of Detroit up against Rafic’s Falafel and Little Lou’s Hot Chicken.

3. Put the taste to the test⁣ 😛

⁣For a full day activity, you can ride around town and try each item fresh, like we did. Or, order each item to go, bring ‘em home and try them all at once. Have your kid embrace their inner Gordon Ramsay and give you their honest critique – bonus points if you record their response and tag us #MPMoment!⁣

Give Me Some Space!

1. Do some mission planning at a local planetarium 

Get inspired to explore the cosmos by visiting a planetarium. We went to Acheson Planetarium at the Cranbrook Institute of Science, but you can find more space domes in southeast Michigan here. Check showtimes and plan the rest of your day accordingly.

2. Gather materials to build your own your space craft

A proper rocket must have all the hoodads and thingamabobs. Before you go to one of the big box craft stores though, dig through your recycling bin, your old craft box or consider checking out Arts and Scraps like Roxanne and her crew. Arts and Scraps collects and sells donated bits and bobs that would otherwise be tossed. Hunting through their aisles is an adventure all on its own! 

3. Build a rocket that will make #NASA proud

All it takes is a big cardboard box and some imagination! Clear a space in your home and let the kids go wild. Don’t forget to set the mood with some tunes from out of this world. Here is a playlist of space jams to get you started.

Science and a Scoop

1. Gear up for a day at your favorite children’s science museum. 🧪⁣

⁣We got in the mad science mood by exploring the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. The H2Oh! exhibit and the Preschool Gallery were big hits for our crew, but with three floors, there is something to excite any kid (or adult for that matter). The tornado simulating fog machine was extra spooky. BONUS: To celebrate their 40th anniversary, admission is only $3 the weekend of Oct. 8-9 only! @ann_arbor_hands_on

⁣⁣ ⁣2. Reward yourselves with science you can eat from Milkster Nitrogen Creamery. 🍨⁣

⁣All forms of cooking are just science experiments you can eat. But, Milkster takes the concept to a whole new level by freezing your ice cream in front of your very eyes using ultra-cold liquid nitrogen. Use one of their recipes or bring your own creation to life. @milksternorthville

Good Deeds Day

1. Brighten someone’s day

Give someone a compliment, let someone go in front of you in line, smile at a stranger. There are lots of ways to brighten someone’s day. We chose to spend time with some of the elders in our neighborhood at Beaumont Commons – a senior living community. We played with bubbles, drew pictures together and had puzzle time.

2. Deliver a gift

Giving can feel just as good as getting – an important lesson to teach in a world of quick-click consumerism. Whether you pay for the person behind you in line, drop off little gift bags to friends or give some much-needed essentials to a local organization, get your little one involved in the process. We decided to gather some goods for Common Ground, a local mental health agency with a really cool mission. Read more about them below.

3. Donate items you don’t use anymore

Round out your day of good deeds by gathering up some tossed-aside toys or outgrown clothes and dropping them off at a donation center near you. Need some help convincing kids to let go? Check out our article on how to get rid of old toys without upsetting the kiddos.

Behind the Scenes

Common Ground is a 24-hour crisis services agency dedicated to helping youths, adults and families in crisis. Their center provides crisis intervention and stabilization services to individuals, including children, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also provide Behavioral Health Urgent Care – think of it like Urgent Care but for your mental health issues. They also operate a free and safe 24-hour shelter for at-risk youth ages 10 to 17. You can donate money to their organization through their website or call to get a list of items to purchase and drop off. They don’t accept used items.

Be Ye Sailor or Scallywag?

1. Set sail at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum on @belleislestatepark

Play “Captain” at one of Detroit’s truly underrated destinations and find the ship that suits you best. Try paddling the 18th century canoe of early settlers and then racing a speed boat down the river at full throttle! You can even take the helm of the real S.S. William Clay Ford, a Great Lakes freighter, whose salvaged pilot house now overlooks the river from the museum.

2. When the call of the water gets too strong, head down the road to The Gilbert Family Schooner Splash Pad.

This sunken schooner splash park, located at Mt. Elliott Park will turn any sailor to scallywag! With cascades, water cannons, wind chimes and a ton of other interactive features, your kids will be seadogs before you know it. If you’d rather stick closer to home, check out our list of local splash pads.

Behind the Scenes

When planning this video, I was a little skeptical about going to the Dossin Great Lakes Museum. I thought it would make a pretty video, but wasn’t too sure how much actual fun it would be for Roxanne. 

Man, I have never been more wrong in my life – Roxanne had a BLAST! The Dossin is now number one on my “best kept secret” list. There were so many things to touch, push, pull, steer and move! It was nearly impossible to tear her away from the race boat steering wheel (she’s very into driving at the moment). If your kid is into bits and bobs, you can NOT deny them the pleasure of visiting the REAL S.S. William Clay Ford. The museum preserved the actual pilot house from the Great Lakes freighter including every button, knob and lever. It’s tactile heaven – Plus the view of the river is unmatched. (SIDE NOTE: If you can’t make it to the museum, check out their live webcam of the river!)

When you tire of the indoors, there is a lovely little beach area that’s much more low-key than the Belle Isle beach. Or, leave the island, put on pirate hats and head over to the The Gilbert Family Schooner Splash Pad, like we did. As far as splash parks go, this one is top notch. It’s huge, looks awesome and has water cannons – what more do you need?! At 2 years old, Roxanne was a little overwhelmed by the big ship and the crowd (we didn’t expect a Tuesday afternoon to be so crowded), but she found her happy place in a smaller toddler area. A bonus? They had nice, clean bathrooms and snacks available at the concession stand.

Support Plant Parenthood

1. Visit an aspirational botanical garden, conservatory  or greenhouse

Get your little one stoked about mother nature by taking them to see the best she has to offer. Matthaei Botanical Gardens’ soaring two story conservatory is packed with plants from around the world. Explore 3 different climate zones and make sure to point out the pothos, monstera or snake plants you have at home when you spot them!

2. Head to a local nursery to pick out a new plant buddy. 

Having something of their own to nurture at home helps promote responsibility, empathy, and confidence. Let the kiddos take part in the process by choosing their own plant and pot. Read the water and light requirements to make sure it’s a good fit.

3. Bring your new friend home!

Let your kids get their hands dirty by repotting their new plant themselves. Pick out the perfect place to keep it – somewhere it will get the light it needs but low enough that your child will be able to keep an eye on it and water it when necessary. If you give it a name, you might even be able to hold off on getting that puppy for another year or two…

Behind the Scenes

You guys, Matthaei Botanical Gardens DELIVERED! It’s in Ann Arbor, which I know for some people is a little too far and if that is the case there are TONS of other gardens you can visit to get geeked about plants: Cranbrook House and Gardens, the Ford House Grounds, the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory on Belle Isle to name a few. But if you live nearby or decide to make the trek – it is SO worth it! The conservatory is beautiful with a pond to welcome you in, a two-story waterfall and a Koi pond with enormous fish. 

Admittedly, the kids worked their way through the 3 climate zones pretty quickly. Outside there are more gardens and trails and — the big winner of the day — the Children’s Garden! Touch all the plants! Climb all the things! Play in the giant sand pit and the mud kitchen! They had a blast and we were bummed that we hadn’t given ourselves more time to play. 

The drawbacks though? It was crazy busy this Saturday afternoon and we had to park in the overflow lot. Walking two toddlers from their far back field was a challenge. If crowds and long walks are intimidating to you, we suggest avoiding the peak hours. 

After we were good and inspired, we went to pick out our very own take-home plants. Since we were already in Ann Arbor, we chose the Downtown Home and Garden which has a great selection and super cute accessories. It was tough to stay on task and we may have wandered a bit into the more “home” sections – but, toddlers + breakables was not a good combo so we wandered right back over to gardens. Another bonus? It’s located right by a bunch of restaurant options. We opted for Frita Batidos.

Once home, we got wet and dirty getting our new plants in their pots and practicing watering. We love nurturing nature and teaching a little responsibility along the way.

Bring a Book to Life

1. Head to your local library

With a computer in every pocket, it can be easy to forget one of our greatest resources – Libraries! Explore the architecturally dreamy Main Branch of the Detroit Public Library or refamiliarize yourself with your local library and everything it has to offer – books, sure, but also computer games, board games, movies, programs, classes and so much more! 

2. Choose a book

Pick out a book that you would like to “bring alive” in the next step. Roxanne loves trains, so we chose the classic American folktale John Henry: An American Legend by Ezra Jack Keats. You can follow our lead or create your own book/activity combo. Here is a list of classic books for every age to get you started. 

3. Choose an adventure!

Take reading to the next level by exploring a theme from the book in real life. We visited David Shepard Park in Oak Park to climb on the giant play-train that could have ridden the rails that John Henry himself built. Not into trains? See below for a list of book/activity combo ideas. Pro tip: While at the library, check out a Michigan Activity Pass for deals on admission to hundreds of institutions throughout the state. 

Behind the Scenes

Nerd alert: We love libraries. We used this project as an excuse to explore the Detroit Public Library Main Branch. And while the architecture is stunning, Roxanne was more interested in testing out every different kind of chair she saw than the soaring ceilings and stately columns. The kids area had plenty of space to spread out and no one seemed to mind our not-so-inside voices. Obviously they have tons of books, but also games, computers and a take-home craft. Older kids can hang out in the very cool HYPE Teen Center which even has a 3D printer! Don’t forget you need a library card to check anything out, but even non-Detroit residents can get one.  

Confession: When planning this video, we had a really hard time settling on just one book/activity to explore. We chose John Henry and the train at David Shepard Park because Roxanne loves trains, but we don’t want our other ideas to go to waste. If you have an older kid or just aren’t that into trains, try one of these: 

READ: Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss | DO: Visit the Catfe Lounge in Ferndale 

READ: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle | DO: Look for butterflies at the Cranbrook House and Gardens

READ: Frog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel | DO: Fly a kite

READ: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll | DO: Have a tea party at the Mad Hatter Bistro in BIrmingham

READ: Little House on Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder | DO: Visit Greenfield Village

READ: Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo | DO: Borrow a dog for the day with Dogventures from Friends of DACC

READ: Book Thief by Markus Zusak | DO: Browse John K. Kings Books

READ: Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank | DO: Visit the Zekelman Holocaust Museum

READ: Call of the Wild by Jack London | DO: Check out the Wolf enclosure at the Detroit Zoo

READ: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain | DO: Rent a Kayak on the Huron River

Not your Mother’s Self Care

1. Call up your best mom friend(s) and leave the kiddos behind for the afternoon

Moms tend to give everything they have to their family. But sometimes, in order to be your best mom-self, you need to invest in your self-self — not only for your own mental health, but to model being a whole human to your littles as well. 

2. Visit Aura Aura in southwest Detroit to get a snapshot of your energy

Your aura is the personal atmosphere of energy that surrounds you. Using “legacy analog biofeedback technology and professional instant peel-apart film” Eileen Lee of Aura Aura will capture your vibe on film, then help you decipher the meaning of your mystical glow. 

3. Head over to Sfumato in Midtown to discover your new signature scent

While that VS Love Spell body splash may have served you well in the ‘00s, this is not that. At Sfumato, their unisex scents are engineered through the science of scent using only natural ingredients. Fragrances ranging from woodsy-dark to citrusy-clean will have you walking around feeling like your very own personal aromatherapist.

Behind the Scenes

This moms-only day was exactly what we needed. No kids meant no big surprises and no little tricks or subterfuge necessary to get through the tasks at hand. As usual though, some tips to help you navigate your day:

Aura Aura sessions are by appointment only and upcoming available dates are released a month at a time. It’s best to follow Aura Aura on Facebook to be the first to know when new dates are released. If you have a specific date in mind for a party or a girls trip, you can request a private or group session. 

When you arrive, the address will take you to Vernor Highway, but the door is located on Scotten – I definitely had to call for help. The actual photo session is pretty quick, about 10 seconds and because it’s real film, you only get one shot. The photo develops like a Polaroid and once you see your aura in all its glory, Eileen will give you a reading to help decipher the colors and meanings. We had three people in our group and ended up with three very distinct #humanatmospheres.

Onward to Sfumato! This store is located at the garden level of a charming Victorian building and everything about it feels intentional. It’s small inside, in a cozy way, with stone walls and beautiful repurposed cabinetry. If the owner is there, I highly encourage you to chat with him. He is a fountain of information and more than happy to share.

Spritz and sniff to your heart’s content. If you can’t decide on a single fragrance, Sfumato sells flights of one-ounce bottles so you can test them out at home before committing. After a week with my flight, I ended up going back to buy a full size for myself and a different one for my partner. Pro-tip: no one wants to be over-perfumed-guy, so for just the right amount of scent, follow the advice of JVN: “spray, delay and walk away.”

Farm to Table (Literally)

1. Visit a Petting Farm

Yeah sure, the Detroit Zoo is world-class, but sometimes, you don’t need to go big. On this Farm to Table adventure, check out a local petting farm and actually TOUCH the animals! Be sure to slip in a little farm education with all the fun too — kids tend to eat better when they know where their food comes from. 

2. Hit up the farmers market

Southeast Michigan is lucky to have so many to pick from. We visited the Royal Oak Farmers Market and found all different colors of eggs. Explain that the chickens you saw at the farm lay the eggs that we eat. We added freshly baked bread to our basket as well. An extra bonus? Balloon animals and smoothies!

3. Make breakfast for dinner. 

Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? We brought the farm to the table by turning the eggs and bread into French toast — a huge hit with Roxanne!

Behind the Scenes

For this trip, we took Roxanne and her friends Leo and Ari to the Heritage Park Petting Farm in Taylor. It’s a beautiful park and features a farm that is open year round. 

This particular farm isn’t the kind where you go into the animal pens and feed them, which honestly worked out for us. Our kiddos are on the young side (2-5 years old) and were still pretty intimidated by the animals. After some coaxing, they did pet some of the animals through the gate and they loved touching the rabbits and the duck. 

Some tips though? Expect the kids to be a little shy with the animals. Let them lead the way with how comfortable they are. Encourage them, but don’t force them to interact if they don’t want to. Even if they just admire from afar, it will be a worthwhile trip. Definitely have the kids wear rain boots if possible. There was mud and goose poo, aplenty. Also, pack extra hand sanitizer for snack time.

The farmer’s market was also a huge hit with the kids. Royal Oak Farmers Market was a little better suited for the smaller kids than Eastern Market. They have live music, a balloon artist, and lots of room to run in the wide aisles — that is, if you get there early enough to beat the crowd.

Selfie Cultured

1. Take your crew to a local thrift store and pick out some fun/fancy/crazy outfits.

Let your kids pick your clothes or try the TikTok challenge and make a game of it as you walk down the aisle with your hand skimming the top of the racks. When they say “stop,” that’s what you grab.

2. Get dressed in your new outfits and visit a selfie museum. 

We took over the Good Day Selfie Museum in Ferndale, but there is a fast-growing list of immersive photo experiences to explore – Find one near you!

3. Let the hilarity ensue!

With a different themed room around every corner each loaded with props the kids will go wild. You’ll have pics to share for weeks to come and memories for a lifetime. 

Behind the Scenes

This was our first trip to a Selfie Museum, with or without kids and man, did it deliver. I feel like we found some sort of secret parenting cheat code. Because there are SO many things to look at and play with, the kids were wildly entertained. When they got tired of the Hollywood Glamour room, the DJ dance party room was only one turn away. There was a CD hallway, a cash room, pay phones and even a ball pit! It was so much better than we expected.

Some caveats though: Because these places aren’t built for kids, you have to stay on your toes. Make sure you clean up after yourself as you run from room to room. We also recommend booking during non-peak times. Another thing? You’re probably not going to get picture-perfect selfies. Our kids we’re so excited by all the stuff they didn’t have time to pose pretty. So just relax, go with the flow and laugh at the outtakes later.

Winter with a Twist

1. Visit Blakes Orchard and Cider Mill for Apple Picking Ice Skating!

Normally you would head to Blakes in the Fall to pick apples, but on our day of twisty adventures, you’re going here to ICE SKATE! (Closes for the season March 6).

2. Visit The Home Bakery for a donut Cro-nut!

A mix between a croissant and a donut, this hybrid pastry is sure to get your tastebuds twisted. Other ideas to twist and shout about? Treat Dreams in Ferndale offers cheesecake served like scoops of ice cream. Or if sugar turns your darling into a devil – who doesn’t love a classic German pretzel?

3. Head home for a movie with a twist ending!

Younger kids: Frozen – Meet the Robinsons – Zootopia
Older Kids: – The Sixth Sense – Planet of the Apes – Arrival

Behind the Scenes

Our Winter with a Twist outing had a few twists and turns itself. We learned that the “ice” at Blakes isn’t actually frozen water – it’s a synthetic skating rink made of plastic. While it took some getting used to, it wasn’t all bad. The synthetic ice doesn’t let you glide as well, which slows down the fun, but also keeps the kiddos from slipping and falling as much.

We also planned our skating adventure for a Sunday, not realizing that The Home Bakery is closed that day. Lucky for us, Blakes had a lovely bakery inside full of donuts and sweets to satisfy us day-of. We used some movie magic to put together the video (aka we went back another day for the Cro-nut), but don’t be like us. Check the hours of your places ahead of time, so your themed-outings run without a hitch.

Greetings! I'm glad you're Here

I’m Lauren Jeziorski – photographer, videographer and graphic designer. You may have seen my work on the covers and pages of Metro Parent magazine for the last 10+ years now. After that long, this seems as good a time as any to step out in front of the camera and introduce you to my actual face. But also to introduce to you my finest work… my 3-year-old little treasure, Roxanne – lover of trucks, cheese and a great day out.

Together with our friends at Southeast Michigan Ford Dealers, we’re teaming up to do all the thinking, planning and guinea pig-ing necessary to bring you a great, curated day of fun so you can just get out there and start living it!

It’s a hard job (sigh) but someone’s gotta do it. :hearts: