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Navigating higher education can be complex. But fortunately for families in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor, it doesn’t take a Ph.D. to master this subject – just smart planning. Metro Parent helps parents and students achieve that with our free guide to college planning. Whether college is a few years away, right around the bend or your student’s just getting started, you’ll find advice and facts to help you chart the right course for your student.

From in-state public universities, private colleges and community colleges to options beyond Michigan – not to mention alternative paths – help your child choose the right post-secondary option. Sweating tuition costs? Get guidance on affording college. No matter where your kid is in the process, score solid intel on preparing for college, too, from the standardized tests and essays to the stuff that makes for a well-rounded application. And, finally, find insights on thriving on campus.It’s all waiting for you in the Metro Parent Guide to College Planning.