6 Gross Things About Pregnancy No One Tells New Moms

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You’re pregnant! And you’ve likely already adjusted to a few new “normals.” There’s the prenatal vitamins and doctor visits, duh. And, of course, the morning sickness, bloating, muscle pains and slow growing, achy boobs of yours. Not to mention cravings – and that constant urge to pee. All pretty standard stuff, right?

But then, there are the low-down dirty (sometimes literally) truths that, perhaps, no one thought to mention. Maybe your good friend who already had her first baby blocked it out. Or perhaps it’s so-par-for-the-course for your OB that he or she glossed right over it. Don’t you worry, though. Metro Parent didn’t forget.

And, in our FREE downloadable guide that we’ve dubbed, forthrightly, 6 Gross Things About Pregnancy No One Tells You, we’re going to give it to you straight-up – considering all those lurking little questions, from “Is it normal to have discharge during pregnancy?” to “Do women poop when they give birth?” Get ready. It’s about to get messy.