Getting Kids Ready for Back to School

Love it or hate it, back-to-school season is almost here and that means it’s time to trade in the sunscreen for school books and get our kids ready to head back to the classroom. 
Of course, that’s easier said than done. 

An incoming school year comes along with added stress like getting things organized around your home, picking up any needed supplies, transitioning your child into a new schedule and adjusting your day around your child’s school needs.

Homeschool comes with even more added worries such as picking the right curriculum for your child and following the state’s requirements — and don’t even get us started on the back-to-school worries that come along with the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s a lot for any parent to handle, so we’re making this time of year a little bit easier on families in southeast Michigan by gathering up all of our back-to-school content in this handy (and free!) guide.

Take a look to find everything from creative school lunch ideas and comprehensive supply lists to ways to prepare for preschool, how to homeschool in Michigan, tips on calming your high school student’s COVID anxiety and much more.

Good luck, and happy learning! 🚌




The school year brings a lot of changes and being organized will make those changes a breeze, but it can be a challenge to wrangle the kids, keep up on the housework, get to work on time and keep everything categorized and cataloged. 

To help make things a little easier, we spoke to organization pros to put together a series of back-to-school checklists that include everything from the must-have fashion for kids this year, can’t-skip school supplies and beneficial homework apps

We’ve even got information on how school of choice works in Michigan, lunch and breakfast ideas (so that your kids aren’t stuck with PB&J everyday this year), info on vaccines and physicals and everything else you need to know. 

The Basics on Back-to-School Physicals

Henry Ford Health System's Dr. Hilda Ferrarer-Blair discusses the difference between annual exams and sports physicals.

Back-to-School Checklist

From buying supplies to catching up on those summer reading lists, here's what you need to do to prepare for the new school year.

Easy Breakfast Ideas for Back-to-School

These fast back-to-school breakfast recipes will give your kids the fuel they need to get going for the day.

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It’s tough going from the calm of summer to the chaos of a new school year. Kids may be going from elementary to middle school or you may have to enroll your child in a totally new district away from their friends and everything they knew last year.

But even if they are just moving up a grade, going back to school brings a lot of adjustments and if you aren’t on top of creating a smooth transition for kids, you’ll be in for a tough school year. 

Find ways to get your kids in a back-to-school mindsight, get tips on calming back-to-school anxiety and other ways to help your kids prepare.

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Whether you want your kids at home out of an abundance of caution this year or you simply prefer your kids to learn directly from you, homeschooling is the way to go.

Of course, a lot more prep work goes into teaching kids from home than it does when sending your kids to a brick and mortar school. There’s curriculums to plan, state regulations to follow, records to keep and socialization to be mindful of. 

It’s a lot to keep tabs on, so we’ve compiled the latest information on how to homeschool in Michigan, tips on helping your kids prepare, ways to keep them focused, how to keep yourself calm and much more.

How to Homeschool in Michigan

Thinking about homeschooling your kids in metro Detroit? Find out how to homeschool in Michigan and the state's homeschooling requirements.

Helping Kids with Learning Disabilities Navigate Online School

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10 Tips for Digital At-Home Learning During COVID-19

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Supporting Kids’ Mental Health During Online School

Virtual school away from friends can be tough on kids' mental health. Here are some expert tips on supporting kids' mental health while they learn online during the pandemic.



The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on schooling and many kids, parents and teachers may still be feeling the effects. 

From questions on mask mandates and if it’s truly safe to return to the classroom this year to how kids will catch up on any skills that they forgot while learning from home, there’s a lot of concern with back-to-school during COVID.

Here, you’ll find answers to your biggest questions, including how to relieve COVID anxiety in kids of all ages, the latest in what’s happening with masks in Michigan, things you need to add to your shopping list while COVID is still prevalent and more.

You’ll even get a few essays on how local parents and teachers are dealing with it all. 

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