Autism Centers in Michigan’s Grand Rapids Area

Where can you find autism centers in Michigan – specifically in Grand Rapids? Browse our list.

For the one in 68 children with an autism diagnosis, early intervention is imperative. For parents who aren’t sure where to turn, there are plenty of autism centers in Michigan, and for those specifically in the Grand Rapids area, there are several right in your backyard.

Take a look at the sampling of autism centers below.

Autism Centers of Michigan

  • Address: 5366 Eastern Ave. SE, Kentwood
  • Phone: 616-608-3665

Autism Centers of Michigan provides intensive, evidence-based behavioral treatment to children on the autism spectrum. They offer their services both in-home and at centers and even school-sponsored programs throughout Michigan.

Behavioral Health Partners, BLC.

  • Address: 5242 Plainfield Ave. NE, Suite A, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-363-5337

This center provides assessment and intervention services for children with autism spectrum disorders, which includes behavioral and cognitive therapies, as well as ABA therapy.

Behavioral Resources and Institute for Neuropsychological Services

  • Address: 3293 N. Evergreen Drive NE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-365-8920

Also known as BRAINS, this center helps assess your child’s specific needs and provides therapies including speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and more.

Centria Healthcare

  • Address: 333 44th St. SW, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 855-77-AUTISM

Centria prides itself in being one of the largest providers of applied behavior analysis in the United States. Their advisors will work with parents to help them through their child’s diagnosis and answer any questions they may have. They provide evidence-based treatments for each child’s needs.

Comprehensive Therapy Center

  • Address: 2505 Ardmore SE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-559-1054

Sensory therapy, speech and language pathology and more services are offered to children on the autism spectrum at this local non-profit, which was founded in 1982.

Easterseals Michigan – Grand Rapids

  • Address: 4065 Saladin Drive SE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-942-2081

Home-based interventions, social play groups, parent education and coaching, and more are offered through Easterseals Michigan, which is a leader in comprehensive, evidence-based treatment for kids with autism.

Hope Network Center for Autism

  • Address: 3361 36th St. SE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-924-2522

Hope Network prides itself in operating within the Christian tradition, and provides ABA therapy and comprehensive clinical services to children on the autism spectrum. DataFinch, a could-based, real-time data collection system, is also used to measure skills, verbal behavior and more.

Horizons Developmental Resource Center

  • Address: 3120 68th St. SE, Caledonia
  • Phone: 616-698-0306

The team at Horizons evaluates each child to determine a diagnosis, then uses different therapies – including speech and language therapy, low energy neurofeedback, sensory motor therapies and more – to meet the specific needs of a child on the autism spectrum.

Lincoln Developmental Center

  • Address: 862 Crahen Road NE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-819-2740

The center, which is part of Grand Rapids Public Schools, offers services to students as young as 5 and up to age 26 with autism spectrum disorders, as well as severe impairments. Students who reside in Kent County and meet specific criteria have access to this program.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers

  • Address: 1971 E. Beltline NE, Suite 204, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 800-600-4096

Sometimes, children on the autism spectrum are misdiagnosed with ADHD. That’s why Neurocore Brain Performance Centers uses brain diagnostics in order to identify a child’s specific needs and tailor a program specifically to those needs. While there’s no cure for autism, the folks at Neurocore work to reduce some of the associated symptoms.

Wedgewood Christian Services Autism Center for Child Development

  • Address: 3300 36th St. SE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-924-2110

Wedgewood’s Autism Center for Child Development provides comprehensive early intensive behavioral intervention, also known as EIBI, for children on the autism spectrum. Applied behavior analysis and an individualized plan is offered to children, and therapy will target everything from safety and social skills to cognitive functions and vocational skills.

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