Top Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Grand Rapids

Looking for places to dine with the kids in the Grand Rapids area? Peek at our list of kid-friendly restaurants in Grand Rapids.

Dining out with your kids can be hard, but these restaurants make it a bit easier. From satisfying picky eaters to having entertainment for kids, these kid-friendly restaurants in Grand Rapids and nearby cities make eating out a pleasant experience again. There’s plenty for the whole family to enjoy, and even the pickiest of eaters will find somewhere to eat on this list.

Bagger Dave’s

Cascade Township

  • Address: 2817 Kraft Ave. SE
  • Phone: 616-977-4349

Grand Rapids

  • Address: 2190 E. Beltline Ave. NE
  • Phone: 606-361-6408

Kids will enjoy the Lil’ Bagger meals on Wednesdays and Sundays, and parents will love the meal’s $2.95 price tag. A train up near the ceiling travels around the room to keep kids entertained.

Big E’s Bar and Grill

  • Address: 2321 E. Beltline Ave. SE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-608-8825

On Minion Mondays, kids eat free at Big E’s. There’s plenty of comfy seating and space for big parties and children.

Brann’s Steakhouse and Grill

28th Street

  • Address: 5510 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-285-7800

Division Avenue

  • Address: 4157 Division Ave. S, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-534-5421

Leonard Street

  • Address: 401 Leonard St. NW, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-454-9368


  • Address: 4157 Division Ave. S
  • Phone: 616-534-5421

Brann’s has more televisions and projection screens than any other restaurant around, which means kids will be entertained for hours. The Leonard Street location has also paired with Food Circles, a non-profit that provides food for local children.


  • Address: 1968 Breton Road SE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-957-1683

Houlihan’s makes every meal from scratch daily, and the vast menu is perfect for anyone with any kind of food allergy or aversion. They have plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options, as well as a kids’ menu and kid-friendly snacks.

Logan’s Road House


  • Address: 1651 Marketplace Drive SE
  • Phone: 616-554-7044


  • Address: 4425 Canal Ave. SW
  • Phone: 616-534-6385


  • Address: 3153 Alpine Ave.
  • Phone: 616-647-4007

Logan’s has an extensive kids’ menu with plenty of options for main dishes and sides. Also, kids 12 and under eat free on Wednesdays, so it’s a wallet-friendly option for a meal out.

Peppino’s Sports Grille

  • Address: 130 Ionia Ave. SW, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-456-8444

Plenty of specials are offered weekly at Peppino’s, and carry out is available every day of the week so if going out is not an option for your family, you can order in.

Red Robin


  • Address: 3722 Potomac Circle
  • Phone: 616-257-3962


  • Address: 3195 28th St. SE
  • Phone: 616-957-1430

Red Robin has gluten-free and vegetarian options for any kind of dietary restriction, as well as more than a dozen items on the children’s menu to find something for any kind of picky eater – plus plenty of healthy bottomless sides.

Russ’ Restaurant

28th Street

  • Address: 2750 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-949-8631


  • Address: 3531 Alpine Ave. NW, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-784-2230


  • Address: 6444 Division Ave. S, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-281-2790


  • Address: 4440 Chicago Drive, Grandville
  • Phone: 616-531-1146


  • Address: 3966 Plainfield Ave. NE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-361-7545


  • Address: 2340 28th St. SW, Wyoming
  • Phone: 616-538-3410

Russ’ has kiddie options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the $2.49 price will appeal to parents without breaking the bank.

Steak ‘n Shake


  • Address: 3488 Alpine Ave. NW, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-785-7082


  • Address: 4360 Kenowa Ave. SW, Grandville
  • Phone: 616-667-0744


  • Address: 6259 Kalamazoo Ave. SE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-554-1919


  • Address: 4550 28th St. SE, Kentwood
  • Phone: 616-957-7770


  • Address: 5477 Clyde Park Ave. SW, Wyoming
  • Phone: 616-530-6627

Burgers and milkshakes scream kid-friendly, and since most locations are open 24 hours, families can sit down to eat whenever is convenient for them and work around children’s schedules.

Texas Roadhouse


  • Address: 4381 Canal Ave. SW, Grandville
  • Phone: 616-530-7427


  • Address: 3776 28th St. SE, Kentwood
  • Phone: 616-575-0361

The lobby of Texas Roadhouse is known for all of the arcade games that keep kids busy. Adults and kids alike can’t resist the rolls that go to every table, and odds are that your family will end up with a second basket of rolls because kids love them.

The Electric Cheetah

  • Address: 1015 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-451-4779

Kids who come in get a fun Cheetah activity sheet with plenty of fun facts about the animal, a cheetah body part match game, three pictures to color and more. Kids will be entertained longer than it takes for food to arrive.

The Old Goat

  • Address: 2434 Eastern Ave. SE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-288-6976

This spacious restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for squirmy kids who can’t sit still. All the food is cooked from scratch, and some nights there is live music to keep kids entertained.

The Score

  • Address: 5301 Northland Drive NE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-301-0600

The Score has a play area for small kids, as well as a beach volleyball court that hosts youth clinics and tournaments so check ahead to see if your child can play, then head over and get some dinner after.

Tom and Chee

  • Address: 3060 44th St., Grandville
  • Phone: 616-531-9900

This whole restaurant is dedicated to grilled cheese and tomato soup, which is the ultimate kid friendly meal. The child and child-at-heart will love all the different types of grilled cheese offered here. Look for the Grand Rapids location opening soon.



  • Address: 8256 Broadmoor Ave. SE, Caledonia
  • Phone: 616-891-1100


  • Address: 3940 Rivertown Parkway, Grandville
  • Phone: 616-249-9344

Grand Rapids

  • Address: 2630 E. Beltline Ave. SE, Grand Rapids
  • Phone: 616-954-2002


  • Address: 19 N. Main St., Rockford
  • Phone: 616-866-0666


  • Address: 4787 Lake Michigan Drive, Walker
  • Phone: 616-735-5520

Uccello’s has a color sheet and extensive kids’ menu to keep children happy. There is also live music for them to listen to and occupy them until dinner arrives.


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