Class of 2021
High School Grads Gallery

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Southeast Michigan’s Class of 2021 has spent the last 12 years working toward their diploma. And with a pandemic still lingering, their senior year of high school — a year that is supposed to be filled with fun, friends and new experiences —  probably wasn’t what they were expecting. That’s why we’re giving them a special shoutout!

Metro Parent teamed up with Wayne County Community College District to give moms, dads and guardians a chance to dote on their graduates a bit with our 2021 Grads Gallery.

Just fill out the form below to let us know who is submitting the photo. Then, submit your student’s name, photo and the school they’re planning to attend (or the path they want to take) after graduation — don’t forget to leave a short message of love and encouragement in the box, too. Be sure to hit both submit buttons (otherwise your photo won’t be published!), give us a day or two to approve, and your student will be added.

Best of all? One lucky student wins a cash prize this summer, too. Don’t miss out — and congrats to ALL grads!

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This gallery is brought to you by Wayne County Community College District.