How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy


Do your kids only eat two food groups – chicken nuggets and pizza? You’re not alone! Kids can be picky eaters with limited palates that lean toward junk food. So how do you get your kids to eat a healthier, more diverse diet? It starts with clearing through the confusion and getting a better understanding of what kids should eat. Next, you can’t skimp on flavor. Kids (and adults for that matter) should enjoy what they are eating. And a healthy diet isn’t about depriving kids of foods they love, but finding a balance, so they get the nutrition they need. Metro Parent’s How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy, sponsored by Milk Means More, offers tips to teach your kids healthy eating habits. Plus, get kid-friendly recipes for snacks, desserts and more. Check back often to get more kids healthy eating tips and recipes.

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Family Nutrition Guidelines

What are the dos and don’ts of a healthy diet for kids? Find out what a local dietician feeds her own kids, why you shouldn’t feel guilty about letting your kids drink chocolate milk, how to read nutrition labels and more. Get more nutrition advice from Milk Means More


Nutritional Needs of a Young Athlete

Your child's nutrition is important, but you should pay even closer attention when your child gets involved in sports.

The Myth of Antibiotics and Hormones in Dairy

Michigan dairy farmers want your kids to stay just as healthy as their cows, which is why they keep your milk free of antibiotics and added hormones.

The Truth Behind the Label

The best way to buy healthy food is to read the label, but what if it's trying to mislead you?

The Evolution of School Lunches

It's not the mystery meatloaf you remember. Today's lunches follow strict guidelines.

Healthy Recipes for Kids

Looking for kid-friendly recipes that are healthy and delicious? Get fast breakfast recipe ideas, healthy lunches kids will love, some all-star afterschool snack ideas and more. Plus, find more kid-friendly recipes at Milk Means More.


Smart Snacks for Kids: Tips and Recipes

When kids ask for snacks, it’s sometimes hard to know what to do. We asked an expert at United Dairy Industry of Michigan for some tips.

Fast Breakfast Tips and Recipes for Kids

For one less thing to worry about on a hectic morning, here are some healthy breakfast choices your kids will love — from the experts at Milk Means More.

Fun, Nutritious Lunch Tips and Recipes for Kids

These quick tips and easy recipes — courtesy of United Dairy Industry of Michigan — will make you a school and summer day camp lunchtime pro!
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Inside Michigan Dairy Farms


Discover more about Michigan’s family farms. Their commitment to quality and sustainability means healthier dairy products for your family.


Inside a Modern Michigan Dairy Farm

SwissLane Farms in Alto, Michigan has a strong heritage — and, by embracing new technology, it's also helping our state lead the way in cow-focused decisions.

How Technology Is Transforming Dairy Farms

Technology really is everywhere, even on dairy farms! But is it safe?

More About Milk Means More

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