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Should your family be organ donors
Are you wondering 'should your family be organ donors?' Dr. Henry Walters III, chief of cardiovascular surgery at Children's Hospital of Michigan, offers some advice for making an informed choice.
Learn about the importance of prenatal care, well visits for your child and more from UnitedHealthcare Community Plan.
10 things every parent should know to make life better for you and your child.
It doesn't take long for a parent of a child with special needs to get acquainted with some of the most prominent therapies, but scratch beyond that surface and there are many other options. Here's a look at some of those options – from diets to horseback riding to music – and what they could offer your child.
Anchor Bay Spine Center in New Baltimore offers a comfier brace for kids who have scoliosis. Get the details here.
It's a well-known childhood issue – and carries a history of stigma. Luckily, our understanding of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder has really grown up. Here's a closer local look at ADHD.
Music and education collide with this program in Farmington Hills, which is open to students with special needs who are ages 7-12.
Plymouth mom and former special education teacher Jamesena Ingram assists local families impacted my autism through family advocacy and consulting.
Finding out her son had autism wasn't easy for Milford mom and nurse Kelly Miltimore. After trial and error, she offers insight on raising a child with autism along with a neurotypical kid.
Experience includes field trips, relay races and a variety of activities that are fun and educational for ages 16-plus.
Nim Shapira, director of Franklin Athletic Club's Aqua Club, talks about why its swim program stands out from other swim classes.
When faced with the choice, what do parents pick for child care? Nanny? Center-based facility? In part II of our child care series, we offer some guidance.