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The injuries are more common than you'd think. A top local expert from Children's Hospital of Michigan offers prevention tips.
Feel like you're constantly begging, bartering or getting bowled over? Rethink discipline and discover the dos and don'ts of properly incentivizing, i.e. bribing, kids.
The Michigan-wide MSU Science Festival runs April 5-20, 2019. Get the scoop on what's happening in metro Detroit and beyond.
Campers ages 6-18 spend the summer learning how to navigate a boat thanks to the Pontiac Yacht Club Junior Sailing program. While they sail, they'll brush up on STEM concepts, too.
Learn more about this collaboration and what campers can expect to experience this summer at JCC in West Bloomfield.
Week-long summer camp programs are offered to students in grades 6-8 in Oakland County and expose children to careers in science, technology, engineering and math.
The TRUE Summer Camp program offers kids a mix of martial arts, gymnastics, dancing, sports and more to stay active all summer long.
Delta Dental offers information on types of mouthguards and mouthguard care in honor of National Facial Protection Month in April.
Astrid, of Birmingham, asks and Mike of Premier Pet Supply has the answer.
A pediatrician with Shelby Pediatric Associates & Child Lung Center offers insight to help parents make an informed decision.
Thanks to Axis Music Foundation, a local tween with special needs is enjoying free vocal lessons at Axis Music Academy.
88,711 This is the patent number for the "roller skate" – or "parlor-velocipede," as it was also called in the filing submitted to the U.S. government on April 6, 1869. Nearly 150 years later, roller skating endures as a great workout for all ages: Doing it for just one hour...