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Families have options and choices for students to return to learning this fall, both online and in the classroom.
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Every parent knows the worry of a midnight illness, but how do you know when to rush to the emergency room or wait until morning for help? An emergency medicine physician from Children’s Hospital of Michigan answers this question.
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We sat down with the new CEO of Children's Hospital of Michigan to learn a bit about her and what she's planning for the future of children's health care in Michigan.
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A baby chimpanzee at the Detroit Zoo was left motherless when his mom lost interest but another Detroit Zoo chimpanzee stepped up to care for him.
Want to take the kids out to a ballgame this summer? Here are some prime spots to score some peanuts, cracker jacks and a baseball game in southeast Michigan.
Metro Parent's COO talks systemic racism, how it has affected our communities and how it is important that once you know better, you do better to end it.
Albiona Rakipi, MA, CCC-SLP, from Kaufman Children’s Center, offers expert information about receptive language.
Bullies tend to target certain kids for specific reasons. Get a breakdown on why some kids attract bullies and how to teach your child to stand up to a bully.