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Enneagram is a centuries-old practice that puts personalities into nine types. Find out what those types are and get your enneagram number.
Is your child excited that 'Hamilton' is on streaming services? Follow up a viewing of the musical with some of these books for young 'Hamilton' fans.
August is National Immunization Month. In honor of the occasion, the CDC explains why it's important to get kids caught up on their shots this year.
After losing their annual spring musical to the coronavirus pandemic, students from Japhet School in Clawson banded together to write a book on staying connected.
The family behind Gourmet Express Events started The Squirrel Projects to spread cheer during the pandemic with picnic tables for squirrels.
Local parents are loosening up on traditional house rules in the name of fun and memory-making. Here's how they're doing it.
Keeping your child home this fall? Prepare for the school year and help your child get the most out of digital learning with this guide to online school.
Learn the differences between tolerance and anti-racism, get tips on raising anti-racists and learn some of what you need to know about racism in the 21st century.
When metro Detroit schools pivoted to remote learning, school meals adapted, too. How are school food service professionals demonstrating agility this fall?
Rigorous college preparatory and career-forward programming help all Roseville High School students discover their individual aptitudes.
With COVID-19 social distancing, siblings are sometimes the only playmate kids have. How can you help children with autism play with their neurotypical siblings? The experts at Gateway Pediatric Therapy have advice.
The gap for minority communities receiving quality mental health care has been long-known but current events make it more critical to address. Here's what needs to be done.