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Scoop up seashells, meet an alligator in the Everglades – and much more – in Florida.
For kids with chronic illnesses, keeping up with school while receiving treatment can be hard. Hospital teachers can step in and have a huge impact.
Ten reasons why we had it better than our kids in school – including less homework, kick-butt recess and more.
Many teens say they feel sluggish and stressed in class. Learn how to help them manage these negative feelings.
How parents' own math anxiety hurts with homework – and what to do.
Three cool stories involving southeast Michigan schools, from a fun new classroom practice, awesome accolades and a career opportunity for high schoolers.
The state of Michigan now administers the new SAT as part of its testing for high school juniors. Study up on what changes teens need to be prepared for.
Read up on recent education-related facts, finds and figures by some pretty smart people.
February may be American Heart Month, but taking care of our family's hearts is important all year long. Here's how you and your kids can make healthy changes to benefit their little tickers.
Just what is the role of a school board member, and how much power do they yield on the educational scene?