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Make some edible goodies with the Katjes Magic Candy Factory inside Go! Games, Toys & Books at this metro Detroit mall.
A Michigan mom created this cozy product called The WarmMe. Learn more about it here.

Heart of Gold

A successful heart transplant at Children's Hospital of Michigan in early 2016 changed the course of 10-year-old Nielyn's life.
It's not too late to prioritize yourself in 2017. Here, Dr. Troy Sibson of DMC Medical explains why you should and where to focus.
Students struggle to decipher what's factual and what's false when it comes to the news, a Stanford study says.
Mark the New Year with an emphasis on better mental wellbeing for you and your children.
Celebrate National Rubber Ducky Day, learn why your Fitbit might not be as helpful as you thought – plus factoids on new moms and parenting in Michigan.

Wicked Winter

I hate to say it, but the older I get, the more the cold weather gets to me. I've always prided myself as someone who appreciated all four seasons, and now here I am seeking out extra blankets and space heaters on those particularly brutal days and wishing away...