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A local professional weighs in on baby talk in older children and what parents can do to curb the problem.
Local mom aims to help kids learn kitchen safety and culinary techniques with her pop-up kids cooking classes, The Kitchen Crew.
Southeast Michigan residents offer 14 surefire ways to get to know your neighbors and develop a relationship with them, too.
Find a collection of vintage games close to home, historic movie theater fixtures in Ohio and stomach-turning displays by the king of stunts in Kansas.
Kim Johnson, local veteran bagpiper and mom, reveals how she got into playing and her secrets on how to raise a musical family.
Save the date for two events. One for 35th anniversary of Metro Detroit Youth Day and the other commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Detroit Rebellion.
Here’s what you need to know about tick risks and how to help keep your family safe.
A popular local OB-GYN with the DMC Medical Group explains the services many women aren’t aware of or utilizing – but should be.
Increasing children’s daily physical activity would save our nation more than $120 billion in health care and other related expenses, a new study says.
Plus, how many kids get treated for playground-related injuries, the number of pool inflatables families bought last year and other July tidbits.
What should you expect when your child starts seeing a therapist? A local expert shares information and advice for parents.