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American parenting is the great democracy. Ever stop to wonder, though, how our counterparts in other countries handle this whole kid-rearing thing? Read on for a bit of perspective – and, perhaps, inspiration.
While pool drownings are dropping, accidents in natural bodies of water are not – and boys ages 15-19 are at highest risk. Here's how to keep all kids safe from open-water drowning this summer.
The opioid crisis proves that our attitudes on medication have dire consequences. Protecting our kids means showing them better ways to manage pain.
A Farmington Hills mom dishes about Experience Cooking, which offers from-scratch cooking classes for kids and adults.
This sports medicine specialist is available for everyday needs and sports-specific guidance.
How a local mom is bringing moms together for support through meetups, workshops and more.
One bad trampoline fall could land your child in the emergency room this summer, says a Children’s Hospital of Michigan pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Here’s what every parent should know about trampoline risks.
Children receive free meals throughout the vacation months at free local sites in metro Detroit sponsored by the United Way for Southeastern Michigan.
Get kids in a good food groove this vacation with these engaging tips and tricks from United Way for Southeastern Michigan.
Looking for a few good pediatric pros? Find just what the doctor ordered in Metro Parent’s annual roundup of top-notch docs, according to local moms and dads
Does your family love the thrill of a roller coaster? It's time for your next roller coaster trip. Read on for details about spots in Michigan, Ohio and Illinois.
Deficits in 'executive functioning' commonly occur with mental health conditions in children. Find out how you can help bridge the gap.