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Survival Games and Spectacular Superheroes are among the cool new camps debuting at the MiSci this summer.
From meeting teachers to seeing the environment – there really is no better way to assess a potential new school for your child.
Four southeast Michigan librarians share their favorite book selections that were released in 2014 and might have been missed by families.
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The Ann Arbor deli, celebrating its 33rd birthday, serves up a yummy snack.
Dr. Tej Mattoo of Children’s Hospital of Michigan shares the common and not-so common symptoms.
Metro Parent talked with Michigan Spots Hall of Fame inductee and bowling champ Aleta Sill about her life and why kids should take up bowling as a sport.
Dave Byrum, owner of Kids Gotta Play, offers advice on when to buy, what to look for and planning your child's backyard dream.
Looking for something adventurous to do as a family? Try getting trapped in a room and figuring your way out as a team at this cool spot in Oakland County.
Discover 10 reasons kids should take their moms and dads to the Michigan Science Center. There's plenty of fun here for grown-ups, as well.
Have some St. Paddy's Day fun at these two local celebrations, both perfect for families – Irish or not!

Is Your Child Gifted?

Lori Zinser, director of admissions and marketing of The Roeper School, shares 10 surprising signs that could mean a child is super smart.