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The death of a favorite character in a Disney or Pixar flick can actually open up conversations about the topic with children.
Service-oriented summer experiences are becoming increasingly popular. What should parents know about getting their kids started with local community service camps?
How being connected with 5G can expand horizons for our kids' learning and growth.
An occupational therapist with Gateway Pediatric Therapy dishes on sensory diets and how they help kids with autism overcome over- and under-responsiveness.
A dentist with Summit Dental Group in Waterford offers tips and information to help kids and their parents during that first visit to the dentist.
Through the Project SHINE Program, Plymouth Christian Academy is shaping students to serve others and live out their Christian faith.
This lower respiratory infection can lead to hospitalization. A pediatrician with Shelby Pediatric Associates and Child Lung Center offers insight.

Healthy Hacks

A registered dietitian and mom of four shares tips for serving up balanced meals in a snap.
Studies have found that too much time on social apps can be harmful to mental health. Here's what you should know.
Parents looking for an educational getaway this March find displays and programming at these three Women's History Month destinations in Michigan, Ohio and D.C.
Skateboarding parks are booming in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor, giving kids more access to a challenging yet fun individual sport.
The new Michigan anti-cyberbullying law is rolling out this month. Here's what you and your kids need to know about it.