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A sad small boy surrounded by vines
Clinical depression in kids and adolescents is rising, along with correlated suicides. Here's how to spot this often-hidden mood disorder – and help kids.
Clearing the way hinders kids' ability to thrive in adulthood – it's the big problem with snowplow parenting. Here's how to help kids without stunting their personal growth.
Use the services you pay for, even when you are away from home.
Friendship Circle's Inclusion Camp focuses on summer fun and inclusion for kids of all abilities.
Here, Marika Gaul, a Speech-Language Pathologist at Gateway Pediatric Therapy, offers five tips to progress towards that goal.
Through the SEED Project, Student Diversity Advisory Committee and more, The Roeper School shapes students to be culturally competent citizens.
Whether it's hiking, biking and fishing or waterslides, kids events or disc golf, Wayne County Parks packs in plenty of fun in 2019 – and any year!
Hassling buddies. Picking on peers. Wonder why elementary kids tease each other? Here's how it can be beneficial – and how to address it when it goes too far.
Breakfast is important – especially during the homestretch of the school year. Jazz up a batch of thinner pancakes with this crepe pancake fruit art recipe.
A look at the trend toward virtual counseling sessions and other web-based mental health interventions.
Digital harassment can cause serious issues for children. Dr. Salvatore Ventimiglia of Shelby Pediatric Associates and Child Lung Center offers advice.
Many forms of ABA therapy stick to a one-on-one structure, but small group instruction can help kids with autism develop social skills and prepare them for a standard school setting.