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It doesn't always come naturally. This season of giving thanks, consider these 10 ways of teaching kids to be grateful.
A study out of France found that children who attend day care are better behaved and more social than those cared for at home.
Many children develop tics, such as compulsive throat-clearing or nose-twitching. Find out if you should let them slide or call them out.
The medical director of child and adolescent psychiatry with Harbor Oaks Hospital in New Baltimore offers insight and advice for parents.
This public charter school, located in Southgate, provides individualized learning and practical skill development to all of its students.
When a child is diagnosed with a disability, it can be tough to know where to turn for help. Two parents of children with special needs offer advice.
Chris Purgatori, MOT, OTRL with Kaufman Children's Center offers steps for young children who are just beginning to write.
A psychologist with Shelby Pediatric Associates and Child Lung Center offers these tips to help kids with ADHD at home and in school.
The issue puts kids at risk for many serious mental health conditions. Here's what parents should know.
This sixth-grader from Utica Community Schools was recognized for her efforts as an amphibian advocate.
Some men have a hard time prioritizing health, especially with a busy family. A top DMC Medical Group physician explains why they should this 'Movember.'
And this Detroit restaurant is kid-approved. Read on to learn about the delicious vegan offerings at the dad-owned Chili Mustard Onions.