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An overstimulated baby can be even fussier than usual. Read on for tips on how to know your child is overwhelmed and ways to prevent it.
A pediatric gastroenterologist with Children's Hospital of Michigan offers insight on gastroesophageal reflux disease in infants and older kids.
A mom of two from Romulus says it's inappropriate and supports parents that don't post about kids on social media because she thinks it's better to build memories from the privacy of your home.
A study says not dating in high school results in teens being more social and less depressed compared to those who do. Here's a case for holding off.
Michigan native mom-dad team Adam Grant and Allison Sweet Grant create a powerful lesson in giving with their book, The Gift Inside the Box.
CNN honored Najah Bazzy, a local mom and grandma, for leading Zaman International in Inkster for the past 20 years. Find out more about her mission.
Sip like a princess with this recipe for Elsa's Eggnog, inspired by the Frozen movie empire, and featured in Amy Croushorn's 'Entertaining With Disney' book
Burn hazards can be found all over your home, yet many are often overlooked. Here, an expert with the Kohl's SAFE 4 Kids program offers advice on how to protect your kids.
School yourself on the facts, talk to your kids about the dangers. Read on for more from the President and CEO of The Youth Connection in Detroit.
Leah Trombley M.A., BCBA and Clinical Director of Gateway Pediatric Therapy's Shelby Township location offers insight.
When it comes to autism treatment, a team approach is key to a child's success. This is at the core of the new Blossom Behavioral Wellness Center in Novi – and, here, three of its experts explain why collaboration is crucial.
While the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is stressful for moms and dads, it can also take a toll on kids. A pediatrician with Shelby Pediatric Associates and Child Lung Center offers tips on keeping the stress level low this season.