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They can't be 'seen' like other disabilities. But catching them early has big benefits. Discover the signs your child might have one – and what to do if so.
Costs for this medication, so important for kids with life-threatening allergies, are skyrocketing. Here's a local look at what's happening and what to do.
'Buddy benches' provide a respite and a pal for kids who feel alone at school. And, for one local family, it keeps their own young son's compassion alive.
Home parties or at a venue? Over-the-top or understated? Presents or no? Here's some fun with what's trending in kids' parties, explained by local parents.
A not-too-scary sprinkle of Halloween spirit for families.
We have some quick and handy tips to help moms and dads fix everything from a craving for sweets, boredom and a sticky zipper.
Why do ear infections occur, can you prevent them and how can you comfort a child in pain? We've got some insights.
Farmington Hills mom Rebecca Kavanagh doesn't spank her kids because she thinks it teaches them that violence is a viable option.
Harrison Township mom Rebecca Thomas explains why she’s spanked her kids when they’re younger and how this form of discipline works for her family.
Local agent from Troy-based Michigan Term shares the risks of not having enough insurance, forgetting to update beneficiaries and other common mistakes.

Candy Bar Cupcakes Recipe

Crush up some of that Halloween loot and turn it into a decadent topper for this recipe that yields 24 cupcakes.
An expert from Beaumont Health System recommends parents talk to their kids about this safety advice before trick-or-treating.