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Four successful local professionals who don't have 'art jobs' share why art is relevant in their careers – and why art matters for kids.
Young kids experience hunger, exhaustion and illness more intensely than older kids and adults. Find out how parents can help kids with deal with hangriness.
What makes someone popular? The power of popularity and kids is definitely strong. But does it really matter in the long run?
Changing schedules, thunderstorms and other everyday triggers can cause dogs to develop crippling anxiety. Here, an expert at VCA Animal Hospital in Allen Park offers advice to soothe frazzled Fidos.
A brand new venue, local stars and more make this year's production unique. Here's what southeast Michigan parents should know.
Testicular pain in children can be extremely serious, a Children's Hospital of Michigan urologist says. Here's what parents need to know.
A top urologist from the Children's Hospital of Michigan shares what parents should know about school bathroom access and why 'holding it' is a bad idea.
What is this leading therapy and why is it so effective for kids with autism? A local expert explains.
For kids with serious mental illness, hospitalization is at times needed. Find out why and what to expect if your child is admitted for inpatient treatment.
Choosing a doctor isn't easy. Experience, accessibility and communication all come into play. Once you've made the choice, there are other questions to consider, too. What hospital will I go to? Which specialists will I see? Do they offer online booking and extended hours? It is considerations like these that make...
Here's some pirate fun for your brood – from the Dossin Great Lakes Museum in Detroit to Good Fortune Mackinaw Pirate Cruise.
Learn how a local mom relieved breastfeeding neck pains, how to get the stink out of wool slippers and more household hacks to try in September and beyond.