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Not all kids are born athletes, but every child should tend to their physical IQ. Give it a boost with these top dos and don'ts.
The tiny city within a city is a hidden gem full of international flavor and nostalgia for metro Detroit families. Consider these ideas for spending a fun-filled day in Hamtown.
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The stigma attached to substance use often forces people to battle in silence. Oakland Community Health Network officials say National Recovery Month in September offers much-needed support.
During the first month of school, anxiety and depression can ramp up for students. A pediatrician with Shelby Pediatric Associates & Child Lung Center offers advice for parents on helping kids overcome their back-to-school blues.
Why it's not just a personality quirk – and how families can find help.

No Wrong Way to MET

The cost of your child's higher education is rising, which is why you should start saving now. The Michigan Education Trust offers multiple plans to fit your life. No matter your circumstances, how you MET is up to you.
It's a challenge for young children to see gray area in the world. But it can happen with time, patience – and these tips from a metro Detroit child psychology expert.
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A Troy mom let her kid join pals in an old-school neighborhood 'bike gang.' Some mom worry aside, these tween boys found freedom and fun here in metro Detroit.