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Metro Parent Issues

July 2017

Find the right vacation fit for you and your fam, learn how to befriend your neighbors and more in the July 2017 issue of Metro Parent Magazine.

June 2017

In the June 2017 issue of Metro Parent, learn if your kid really rules your roost, why millennials are moving back home and more.

May 2017

In the May 2017 issue of Metro Parent, meet one of our Top Teachers, read about selfie culture and more.

April 2017

In the April issue of Metro Parent, read about savoring the simple joys in life. Plus, find our Special Needs section.

March 2017

In the March 2017 issue, find out why archery camps are on target for kids, plus browse our list of 10 classic books to boost your child's character.

February 2017

How can you help your child survive that first heartbreak? What makes a great teacher? Find out this and more in the February 2017 issue of Metro Parent.

January 2017

Beat the wintertime and post-holiday blues with some super fun activities for kids. Find that and more in the January 2017 issue of Metro Parent!

December 2016

Metro Parent's December 2016 issue features our Holiday 'It' List gift guide with a metro Detroit theme. Find this and more here.

November 2016

In the November issue of Metro Parent, we talk to local Muslim families about what life has been like during this political year.

October 2016

In honor of Metro Parent's 30th anniversary, we're offering cool party ideas for kids. Plus, read about buddy benches at schools and more.

September 2016

In the September 2016 edition of Metro Parent, read about a gender-neutral approach to chores, 20 facts about the school bus and so much more.

August 2016

August is all about sibling love and how to help your kids build those sibling connections. Plus, how the Olympics can help boost a kid's sports interest.