January Quick Links

Did you pick up the January 2020 issue of Metro Parent magazine? Here are the links we promised you could find on our website! Check them out and don’t forget to read the full issue, which is live now.

My Obsession 

Are you absolutely obsessed with a toy, product or gadget? Tell us about it. If we love it as much as you do, we’ll share it and send you $25.

Contests: Win Cool Stuff 

We’re giving away some serious swag in January. Enter all of our contests to nab some for your family.

Investing in Happiness vs. Stuff 

In today’s world, it’s easy to show your love by buying stuff but experiences and happiness are much more valuable.

Do you Really Know Your Kids’ Online Friends?

The Internet makes it easy for kids to connect with people all around the world, but that’s not always a good thing. Here’s how you can better keep tabs on who your kids associate with online.

Divorce Party Trends

Divorce isn’t the most fun thing in the world but the new “divorce party” trend tends to lighten the mood with cake, games and other uncoupling celebrations.

Date Night Ideas 

Get some alone time in during one of these grown-ups-only events in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Winter Fun Galore 

Looking for some fun events and activities to fill the winter months? Download our free guide to all things cool in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor from January-March.

When to Keep Kids Home From School 

Is it the flu or is Junior trying to skip his math test? Get tips on when to keep kids home sick from school — and when it’s ok to send them on their way.

The Best Sledding Spots 

Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor are packed with great hills to sled down. Find some of our top picks.

2020 Parenting Trends 

New Year, new trends — and that goes for parents too. Here are some trends predicted to pop up in 2020. Plus, some that we think should be left in 2019.

Parenting Burn-Out Quiz 

Are you cool in your parenting game or are you at the end of your rope? Find out by taking our 15-question parenting burn-out quiz.

Boys Story Gets Featured on Podcast 

A local boy wrote a story about his principal eating worms and it landed a spot on a popular kids’ podcast. We caught up with Jonah to get the details on this experience.

Beat Cabin Fever 

Kids getting bored cooped up in the house? Beat cabin fever at one of these indoor fun spots in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor.