Living With Autism Workshop Resources + Support

Raising or caring for a child with autism is filled with joys — and challenges. The right resources can be difficult to pin down and, when you find the right path, financing it is often another big hurdle. Offering help and hope to parents and professionals like you is at the heart of the Living With Autism Workshop, a long-running annual event sponsored by Metro Parent and Henry Ford Health. Our goal is providing support to families in southeast Michigan and beyond. On this page, we bring those resources right to you, including local organizations and educational articles to guide you on your journey.


Local Autism Resources + Support

When it comes to kids with autism, it truly takes a village to make progress. These organizations throughout southeast Michigan and beyond are ready to be part of your circle and help you understand your options and next steps. Click on each to see what it offers.

Learn More About Autism and Children

Here at Metro Parent, we’re passionate about providing parents with the tools they need to make their lives a little easier and more fun — and that includes families with autism. Explore some of our articles that provide support, perspective and a bit of adventure, too.

Sensory-Friendly Activities for Kids in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

Looking for something to do with your child with special needs? Check out our local list of sensory-friendly ideas.

Autism Behaviors You May Learn to Embrace

Brought to you by Spark Center for Autism

Running Errands With Your Child on the Autism Spectrum

Brought to you by Gateway Pediatric Therapy

Fidget Toys for Older Kids With Autism and Sensory Challenges

It can be tough to keep your mind on task when your body wants to stay in motion. These fidget toys for older kids help teens and tweens keep on track.

Helping Kids With Autism Cope With Schedule Disruptions

The owner and director of the Spark Center for Autism offers advice on helping kids with autism cope with schedule disruptions caused by COVID-19.

What Should You Do if You Suspect Your Child Has Autism?

Kerry Peterson of Kaufman Children's Center in West Bloomfield offers advice.

Simple Tips to Build Rapport With Your Child With Autism

Brought to you by Gateway Pediatric Therapy