Valentine’s Day Arrow Craft for Kids

Love's the target with this cute craft that turns smoothie straws into an adorable arrow. Here's the how-to.

What symbolizes Valentine’s Day? Hearts – that’s for sure. Big boxes of chocolates, too. And don’t forget an arrow! With his trusty bow, Cupid’s aim is true (and second only maybe to Katniss). To make one of their own, kids need look no further than the pantry. Chubby smoothie straws turn into a cheerful Valentine’s Day prop in just minutes. Or modify it into a unique valentine to pass out in class.


  • Smoothie straws
  • Washi tape
  • Heart cutouts (or make your own with cardstock)
  • Scrap cardstock
  • Hot glue and glue gun


  1. Rip off a long piece of washi tape and attach to one end of the straw. Wind it down the length of the straw, sticking down additional tape as you go.
  2. Once your first layer is done, add a second layer with the same method. (This gives better coverage if your straw is darker in color than your washi tape.)
  3. Glue one readymade cutout or heart you made to the bottom of the straw. Let the glue cool and then add a second heart on the opposite side.
  4. From your cardstock scraps, cut out two V-shaped pieces. Make several small cuts along the sides of each V to create a feather-like look.
  5. Finish by gluing the “feathers” into place on the other end of the straw. Give the feathers a quick ruffle and you’re good to go!

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