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Metro Parent magazine was founded in 1986. Our bi-monthly print magazine is the only parenting magazine that covers southeast Michigan. We deliver free copies at libraries, grocery stores and other family-focused retail locations. Find a copy near you or become a print subscriber. Read our latest issue.

September/October 2022 Metro Parent

Our 2022 fall issue dives into how perfectionism in parenthood can be harmful, especially to moms, offers unique Halloween celebration ideas and more.

July/August 2022 Metro Parent

The 2022 July/August issue of Metro Parent covers gun violence facts, back-to-school traditions and much more.

May/June 2022 Metro Parent

Meet the dad in the net at Detroit City FC matches, discover how COVID affected working moms, get a 2022 summer fun guide and more in the May/June 2022 issue of Metro Parent.

March/April 2022 Metro Parent

The March/April issue of Metro Parent features recipes created by kids for kids, how kids with special needs are embracing social media and much more!

January/February 2022 Metro Parent

The 2022 January/February issue of Metro Parent covers the issues our kids are facing today and how they're handling it all, different types of love, toxic positivity and much more.

November/December 2021 Metro Parent

Our 2021 November/December issue covers how to stay sane during the holidays, awesome gifts to give kids, the struggle of having one child and more.

September/October 2021 Metro Parent

The 2021 September/October issue of Metro Parent covers parasocial relationships, the importance of inclusive language, spooky happenings and more.

July/August 2021 Metro Parent

The July/August Issue of Metro Parent reveals cool outdoor Detroit destinations for families, tips on helping kids return to school after COVID and more.

May/June 2021 Metro Parent

The May/June issue of Metro Parent offers travel destinations for families, information on the risks Black moms face when giving birth, tips to visiting Mount Clemens with kids and much more!

March/April 2021 Metro Parent

The 2021 March-April Issue of Metro Parent delivers the 411 on the new COVID-19 vaccines, tips on visiting Corktown, addressing behaviors in kids with special needs and more.

January/February 2021 Metro Parent

The 2021 January/February issue of Metro Parent covers how the pandemic will affect kids once it's gone, tips on addressing racism in kids' media and much more.

December 2020 Metro Parent

The December 2020 issue of Metro Parent covers how a tough childhood impacts parenting, why holiday traditions are important to kids and more.