Introducing Metro Parent's 2015 CoverKid Grand Prize Winner

Did you get a good look at the cover? Visit the main cover page real quick. We’ll wait. OK, ready?

That’s Carter. This Dearborn Heights guy is only 4, but he’s already a charmer. He impressed our crew with his confidence, humor and wisdom beyond his years.

We bet he’s got a bright future ahead. And, as grand-prize winner of our 2015 CoverKids contest, he’s also got a $1,529 MESP college savings account to help!

That’s the Michigan Education Savings Plan. For a third year running, Metro Parent partnered with MESP to give our CoverKid a cool photo shoot and jumpstart on higher education (every cent matters, right?).

Think of MESP as a Roth IRA – only for your child’s college vs. your retirement. The money you put in it is tax-free, thanks to its federal “529” status. You can start one up with just $25 and contribute as little as $15 per pay period. There’s no limit to how much you add annually, though the max account balance is $235,000. Your kid can ultimately use the cash for tuition, room and board, and other college costs.

Find out more about Carter! See him in action in a video. Meet our nine other winners, too, including the Readers’ Choice pick. There were a total of 3,114 entries this year. Be sure to watch for the other winners on upcoming Metro Parent covers!

Save with MESP

Interested in starting a Michigan Education Savings Plan account for your child’s future college expenses? Find details at

Photo by Lauren Jeziorski


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